Hubby’s Support for Pregnant Wife

What a husband can do for his pregnant woman? Many things. I remind husbands everywhere just in case you read this blog, any kind of courage and support for your wife during her pregnancy, even it’s small thing, indeed very matters.

The support can be in many kind of forms. My hubby for example, he never forgets warning me to have milk intake three times a day, paying attention to my menu or reminding me if I have had the folat acid or not. He takes me to he office and picks me up when it;s already after hour. If we pass the “wavy” road, he always slows down the speed to minimize the shocking to my lower tummy, where our baby sleeps in.

When we are on bed , he talks to our baby because we believe that the communication link between us and the baby has existed. That just makes me happy to have supportive husband like him. Then, he always updates me with any kind of information about the pregancy. Pregancy sites now become his fave.

Ever since we knew that we’re going to have a baby, his attention to me has been dwendling. And that makes me very happy for any support from him is very important.

2 thoughts on “Hubby’s Support for Pregnant Wife

  1. dueeehhh ogi bisa perhatian juga ya??? hhihihiii..peace Gi…take care of the baby ya??? i also believe that the bond between u guys with the baby already exist although it’s in the fetus stage..;0

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