I Am Dreaming of Jogja

The title above was also the status appearing in my ym box this eveening. It invited some people to ask me why I was so. Astri even suggested me to go home to Jogja, where my heart lies as always.  

I miss being there. Maybe it sounds cliche. In fact that was really I am feeling. Among many things that I have to deal with right now, especially for the UNFCCC preparation, I thought I deserved a time to escape. Then last week, I went to Jogja. I planned to take a leave in the Monday so i could have three days. However, it wasn’t approved by my boss,hiksss. And if I feel such bussy things really stick on me very much, I only can dream I can have more time for leisure. And Jogja is place where I am dreaming to be at.

Many times i visited Bali, but i barely had time to enjoy it. Just like last week, I could only spare one day for sight seeing and meeting my best friend, Titi. And i didi it exactly before I had to leave for Jakarta. My friends always say how lucky I am to have a chance to visit many cities in Indonesia. While within my heart I say how lucky I could be there for vacation and not for work. I need vacation, indeed.

Next month, InsyaAllah, i will be at Jogja again. And now, I have to work again.

Allah, thanks for this work. I can actualize myself:)



2 thoughts on “I Am Dreaming of Jogja

  1. Halo Mbak Thea! :)

    Yeah, Jogja is a heaven on earth, actually. :)
    (as many people have told me when they compare it vis-a-vis jakarta)

    Hope that you can have more opportunities to ‘return home’ to Jogja, Mbak. Indeed, Jogja has been called ‘home’ even by those who were not born or raised there.

    When you feel that you want to be in Jogja but you can’t, i suggest you to listen to Letto’s albums (1st & 2nd). Both are Jogja banggetz, i think. In the sense that they talk about cita2, perjuangan, persahabatan, intelektualitas, ke-istiqomahan, and of course, tentang cinta…whehehehe…pkoke: As Homy as Jogja lah!


  2. Wijiel….thanks for the suggestion. I know I have a place to be be called home. While Jakarta spoils me with it facilities, Jogja is where my heart truly lies:)

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