I Know How It Feels

I couldn’t belive what I saw at that time. All I expected ruined at once. Suddenly, I bursted into tears. I was failed. The things I endeavored seemed nothing. Useless. The question was” Should I apply again three years later?” When my age would be 25 years old.

I know how it feels when it’s failed, Sist. But as you know, there will be many things we’ll get in return. Maybe it’s obscured now by our reluctant feeling about the saddening result we get. I will support you and pray for you. Why? Because I know a talented with exceptional skills like you deserve great things. Why not trying again later? I am sure you can!!! Rin, you must be proud of quality you have. Don’t let this failure discourage you. Instead, use this to empower yourself!

Don’t loose hope and faith. I wish the best for you.

ps: for Nora, my sister. I just can’t believe that you’ll leave me this fast, leaving me alone in this city. Hiks..you’re one of the reason why I feel comfortable living here. And pretty soon, Australia will be next country to stay. And one more, you’ll get the master degree faster than me:). I am more than happy for you.

11 thoughts on “I Know How It Feels

  1. hehehhe…makasih ya thea…so encouraging….
    yes..I will leave Jogja in the middle of March 2008 to Aceh…
    new friends, new workload and without Ipung in my side..it’s gonna be tough…

    God is really powerful, He didint let me pour my tears regarding this ADS failure..He sent the message from Aceh as soon as I almost felt devastated….
    Thanks for being there, share the same burden then realize I am somebody with something to do rather just crying my failure in scholarship…:)

    Thanks ya….

    For Nora : Proficiat and Congratz….you deserve it :) semoga di sana dapet pacar ya…pulang bisa membawa banyak perubahan untuk bangsa cieeeeeeeeee bahasanya berat ya booooo………Selamat deh pokoknya ……..

  2. Ririn, apa yang sudah km lakukan di jogja n apa yg akan kamu lakukan nanti di aceh nggak bisa dilakukan banyak orang termasuk mungkin sama lulusan Australia sekalipun, what a life!…kesempatanmu itu membuat iri (termasuk aku huehehehe)…Aku tunggu cerita serunya!

    Nora, sakitmu terbayarkan ya….Selamat!

  3. @ Ririn, see you get many things outweighing your “delayed” plan to further study.
    I am sure u will receive things in many ways than what has been taken for you:). Keep you spirit alive dear.

    @ Franya….I do agree with u:)

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