If just we’re not at Jakarta

I love Jogja and so do my fellas who ever lived and stayed at that lovely city. Our love to the exotic city never and will never fade even though now we are living in Jakarta. Many times we dream and keep reminding each other what if we remain staying at Jogja. It’s kinda too-good-to-be-true dream.

However, we never regret that we leave Jogja for Jakarta. Even the hectic is so unfriendly. Even the pollution is getting worse. Even we should deal with the traffic everyday. Even it always takes more than hour to get to the office every morning. Even it’s hot. Even the food price is expensive.

Why? Because we learn and get many things here. If Wippie doesn’t stay at Jakarta, she will never enjoy her work at ASEAN secretariat. She will never go traveling around Asia countries.

If Norra and Yanti don’t stay at Jakarta, they would never be in Australia now.

If Fenny doesn’t stay at Jakarta, she will never know how to work in multinational company such as Toshiba and Ericcson and makes a big leap by jumping to AHA center, focusing her interest in Humanitarian Assistance. And so does Ririn, she would never get that huge amount of salary working in supranational body:D.

All my best friends print their own step in Jakarta. Like me, their feeling is still clinging to Jogja and we envy soooo much to those who are “dare” to stay at Jogja now, like Indie and Ajeng, for example.

Someday, may be we will:)

2 thoughts on “If just we’re not at Jakarta

  1. Every choices have their own backgrounds&perspectives..
    Yg penting,jgn ampe menyesal klo da milih..klo pun g enak,usahain ambil the best part of it.. :) Lagian, the future hasn’t been made yet, has it? ;) You can change it anytime you please..

  2. oh yes you’re right, and we have to take every responsibility of each decision we take. u know what, I am considering several possibilities for me and my new family:D

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