Indonesian Song at the Edge?!?!?!

A demand urged by the association of Malaysian music industry employee to restrict the Indonesian songs played in Malaysia radio stations. I read this release at The Jakartapost. Not only do Indonesian migrant workers dominate Malaysia, but also it’s songs. It is said that bulk of Indonesia song is played in radio stations causing Malaysian songs less popular in its own land, hitting the Malaysian music industry.

It’s widely known that Indonesian song are very popular in Malaysia. Therefore, the association requests 90:10 ratio for Malaysian songs.

More than three decades ago, Malaysian who was a newly independent country, imported teachers from Indonesia. Now, its education qualification is better than Indonesia at average. There was an awareness that they needed improvement on human quality and the government was willing to move the political will by importing teacher from Indonesia.

The similar concern appears now in the art field. Realizing they only play a minor role in their own country, the association initiates govt to regulate the songs played by radio station. The ultimate goal is clear, they want to be the number one player in their own music field.

Let’s see if the govt will approve the request. Sometimes, art isn’t merely art. It’s also related with political move:)

4 thoughts on “Indonesian Song at the Edge?!?!?!

  1. di era yang katanya udah tanpa batas kayak skrg, harus diakui peran pemerintah justru semakin kuat. dalam kasus kayak skrg, siapa lagi yg bisa melindungi industri musik dalam negeri jika buka pemerintah lewat regulasi.
    ya sama halnya kayak bagia lain di dunia, misalnya jepang yang menolak liberalisasi beras karena request dari petaninya.begituuuu…

  2. well, di satu sisi juga sebenernya kan itu tantangan juga buat insan musik di Malaysia. bisa nggak mereka menghasilkan lagu-lagu yang sama catchy-nya dengan lagu-lagu Indonesia.
    Waktu masih kost sama orang Malaysia dulu juga, dia memang mengakui kok, kalo lagu-lagu Indonesia itu lebih enak didengar. (dia tergila-gila sama Menjaga Hati nya Yovie& Nuno, baidewei, sampai dia jadiin ringtone segala :D )
    Maju terus musik Indonesia!

  3. bener juga kak amie…lagu2 indonesia emang populer banget di indonesia. tapi kalo mereka minta proteksi sama pemerintahya juga gak salah, soalnya sama siapa lagi minta tolong kalo bukan sama pemerintah:D

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