It Means A Lot

This morning, I received an email from a friend. He sent the email to several recipients to ask consideration whether he should appear in TV show which is very popular right now.

He stated several reasons why he was in doubt to be in the show. Thus, he asked his friends, asking for suggestion, aimed at convincing himself for the choice he would take.

I replied his email. I suggested him to go on. Regardless his motives, I encouraged him to appear in the program. Appearing in that show didn’t mean reverting his grounds.
However, all is up to him. And just now, a new email came to my inbox. He said he decided not to appear in the program. The top of all, he still respects the TV show and the master:)

Note: Thanks for involving me. Maybe I don’t mean a lot to you, but it does mean a lot to me.

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