It was 10 PM and still Jammed

It was almost 10 PM and I still saw traffic jam in Jakarta.

Last night, Ogi and I passed on Senopati street, then Pierre Tendean after having great dinner at Dapoer Ciragil. Cars, Buses, and motorcycles were trapped in heavy trafiic jam along those streets. As a motorist, it was pretty much easier for Ogi to find a way going through the traffic. But of course not for car riders or bus drivers.

Ogi and I imagined that within two years ahead, there would be a heavier traffic in Jakarta. People live in sub urb, work in business district. They go very early in the morning, and go home late at night. Can they lull their children? Can they accompany their children playing or studying at night?

I have another resolution in my life, Quitting living in this city in the next five years at the latest.

How about you? Do you still want to live in this city???

13 thoughts on “It was 10 PM and still Jammed

  1. paling enak kantor deket rumah, kampus deket rumah, mall deket rumah, segalanya deket rumah
    tapi koq jadi ga gaul gitu yak

    kapan2 kalo jalan,,ikutaaaaaaan ^^

  2. @ Bebex…aku termasuk beruntung sekarang nih. Kos deket kantor, tinggal jalan. Kalo males tinggal panggil ojek. Deket mall. Mau ke Plangi, Senci, PS?? Hayukkkk aja. Tapi gak kebayang deh kalo besok dah punya rumah, kan gak mungkin beli rumah d menteng apa kebayoran baru:)).

  3. dua tahun tinggal di jakarta membuatku belajar utk berdamai dengan segala kondisi kota ini. bulan2 pertama tentu saja frustasi dan selalu terjebak pada pikiran yg membandingkan jakarta dengan jogja. akhirnya aku sadar, membandingkan dua kota itu bukan hal yang sehat. aku juga belajar untuk melihat jogja lebih objektif dan tidak hanya berdasarkan romantisme nostalgia masa lalu.

    aku berharap, seandainya kelak aku memilih meninggalkan jakarta bukan karena aku gagal berdamai dengan kota ini atau karena aku hanya bisa hidup di kota senyaman jogja. semoga semata-mata karena telah tiba saatnya untuk membuka lembaran baru di tempat yang baru…

    hihi..sorry ya kalo kepanjangan :)

  4. wew…
    what about reducing the private car?
    so many public transportation available such as busway, air-conditioned KRL, bajaj, and so on.
    why don’t we start to improve the fit feeling?

  5. @ Okky…well for some reasons, i do agree with you. in fact, Jakarta offers what others don’t. And now, that’s what i need. For the first time, i was reluctant as you, and then I started to feel discomfort, especially when encountering things which to some extents, are intolerable for me such as the heavy jam.

    @ Sasti..what you think is similar with other residents’ thoughts who want a healthier Jakarta. Unfortunately, the transportation scheme now doesn’t offer what we want. The number of Busway is still limited. Not to mention, the number of air-conditioned KRL. DKI government manages to apply road pricing in some highways, but I think it’s nut idea as we don’t have comfortable and affordable mode of transportation. The idea of reducing private car is good but never be implemented till now as there’s no political willingness from government.

  6. Like i posted in my blog, leaving Jakarta for a while is really a relieve for me. The main reason of my staying in Jkt, honestly, is only my job. That’s ok for me to live in Jkt as long as i’m still un married :D I cannot imagine, how i can raise my children in a damn city like Jkt. The kids will be very individualistic, and have malls as their play grounds. I don’t want to raise them as monsters. Just like you, i hope i could have left Jkt in five years.

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