Yard of my Dream

The price and value of a land in Jakarta are indisputably expensive. That’s the fact I found having more than three years lived in this city. My hubby ever did a small research on the price of land along the warung buncit and mampang street. The average price there is 11 million per meter square. The same price applies for the land located in small street (a.k.a gang) in Kebon Sirih Area. No wonder the price of boarding house in that location is soaring, even with limited facility.

Maybe because the price is expensive, land owners in Jakarta maximize the usage of the their land. Therefore they just leave a little space for yard and big portion for house. Just like the house that I am currently renting. We don’t have any yard at all. Terrace and fence, and after that is street. With such condition, I can’t dream of having small garden in front of my house and do gardening just like my mom does every weekend or just simply talking to her orchids. For her it’s a a special time after five 8 to 5 working days.

My hubby and I share the similar dream. We want to have a big-wide yard, if possible as wide as yard of my ex house in Gejayan. We know it’s impossible to have such in Jakarta as it will require lotta money. I ever suggest why not buying at Bantul, Yogya where we can find wide land at affordable cost. I imagine of having rice field surrounding our small house and open kitchen and invite friends to taste my home-cooking meals. Isn’t it lovely?? My hubby considers my idea as well, but for sure not at the nearest time.

Still related with land. Several weeks a go, my friend Ika told me that she was also interested to buy a wide land in Yogya. She figured out that the land that she and her hubby wanted was quite expensive. Therefore she asked me a favor just in case I got any info about affordable land in Kaliurang, Jogja. Once I asked why she wanted the wide one, she replied ” I want to build a free play yard for children”. Oh Ika..it’s very kind of you. At least you already have a cute house with lovely yard now:)

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