Jakarta (An Unimportant Note of Me)

I always ask myself why eventually I stay in Jakarta. I am still clueless if I will love this city, have a deep passion with it, and finally decide to live in this hell city!! 

Jakarta, for me is a lover whom I can’t live with it and cant’ live without at the same time. It’s very difficult to choose whether to leave it or back in its arms. Many times, I have been being betrayed with its pollution, its criminality, and its traffic jam. Living in Jakarta, for me, is very time-consuming. Hmmm…I really miss my old lover then. Where I can go everywhere quickly, where no traffic jam, where the breezing air still fresh. But still, I stay in this city, doing my routine, and earning living. The last, I remember, is the ultimate reason why I stay here.  At the same time, Jakarta spoils me with its facilities. It offers great bookstore, amazing exhibitions, high tech-equipped cinemas, delicious food vendors (though quite expensive), places selling fancy things from the cheapest to the expensive one. However, I often feel fed up with its completeness. Very often, I miss the simplicity of my old lover. Jogja, where humbleness and care still exist. 

Yesterday, was the start of campaign day of two candidates of Jakarta’s governor. I have no idea how one of them can dismantle the complexity of this city, full of its problems and difficulties. From where they want to start it? Let’s name the problems. Unemployment, criminality, pollution, massive flood, traffic jam, urbanism, etc. I don’t know how they can grow love and sense of belonging of Jakarta in its people, including me. 

Oh my new lover, in this case I agree with people say about you” As cruel as step mother can be, still crueler is “mother city” or “ibu kota”. Sorry to say, I still love my old lover. And I want to back with it and live there for good.  


6 thoughts on “Jakarta (An Unimportant Note of Me)

  1. jogja, place we are dreaming for living at… (as u told me in my FS)
    never gonna change my love for jogja, an never ending memorable place.
    so…kapan kita bisa mewujudkannya thea?

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