Keep Being Enthusiastic Mum!!

Yesterday my mum asked me to make a video call toward her number. I knew that she’d been long interested in using 3G technology, including video telephony. Then I called her. I could see her tired face after because I called her in after-hour, the time when she’s done with her office business. She smiled and looked very enthusiastic. Knowing that, my friends weren’t less enthusiastic. They stood at my back and were very curious with my mum’s face. My mum then became so shy.

I should admit her enthusiasm.  Being of fifty-something, she knows relatively much technology than average women in her age. Just call her number; you will hear a cool and update ring back tone. While for the ring tone, she chooses her fave song, Jude by The Beatles. I remembered when both of us searched for ring back tone in one of operator website. Meticulously she selected songs one by one and heard it in the headset. She’s not irritated with new song because songs by Tamia or Shelomita were one of her selection. Then, the choice went to Shelomita’s song.

Once I wanted to withdraw money from ATM, I kept in mind she jumped out from car and got in to the ATM box. I wandered what she would do. I thought she just would withdraw money like I did. Surprisingly, she asked me to teach her how to transfer money through ATM. I let her know step by step and know she becomes a frequent user of that technology.

Just keep your enthusiasm and curiosity mum. That’s why I’m proud of you. You never wanna stop learning anything.


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