Let’s Join the Speaking Club

Another thing, besides the detox, I wish I can accomplish this year is joining an English speaking club. Those two were actually targeted last year in my resolution, but failed to be done. This year I start to gather some people who are willing to practice their English speaking capability through a speaking club.

The concept was discussed profoundly with Mas Chandra and Mas Apri, both are instructors of an English institution in Jakarta. They were very enthusiastic with my idea as the club that they founded is decayed. From them I know that it’s not easy to build a speaking club in conventional way. I mean you just can’t gather them up in a venue like in class, especially when the participants are working. Weekend is also a bad choice of time as they will prefer going to mall or entertainment center rather than gathering with pals practicing their English.

Departing from their shared experience, we came up with a concept that this speaking club will be held after hour, when people choose it’s better to stay somewhere while waiting for the traffic jam.  The day picked is Wednesday and the time is 7 PM. Afterward, the place is tentative but definitely in a place situated in mall or entertainment place. It can be cafe or something else.

With that concept, hopefully we can, at least, gather 15 participants who will continue committing their presence every Wednesday night. The topic can be anything interesting as long as it can “provoke”  participants to speak up. And though a relax ambiance of cafe, instead of confined-class room, hopefully people will feel relax.

Anyone would join? It starts this May 6.

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