Love U Fellas

We never know when we need or to be needed.

That’s the moral lesson I got after watching the Sex and the City yesterday with Wipi and Feny.

It’s so lucky for those who have best friends in need all the time. Just like what’s depicted in this movie. Friendship of Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda is really inspiring, despite it’s only a fiction! They have been becoming best friends since their twenties and still being friends when they grow up, and some of them have family, left alone Carrie and Miranda. This movie, more or less, relates to our friendship since we started going to college. If Carrie and her friends went to New York for label and love, then we came to Jakarta for earning living( I refuse to use the love and label wording:D).

Like I ever wrote in my last posting, it’s a memorable moment to be the part of our best friends’ success and achievements. We struggled together in studying, then graduated and pursued our own careers. We disperse in different field and industry, yet keep contacting each other. Now, not all of us live in Jakarta, some stay at Jogja, some stay at Bali and some go abroad for furthering study. We have our own life now. Some stay single and the rest are married already.

Yesterday was just great moment. Watching movie and hanging out with friends after hectic working condition. Laughing and chit-chatting. I wondered if I could have such living after marriage. Then, I looked at Wipi, the married one, she still enjoys her life. It wiped out my assumption on the post-wedding life. And just like in the ending of the movie, the four marvelous women are still hilarious and enjoying their life. That’s what friends are for. To be there, when needed.

Looking forward to he next hang out session gals:). The sushi just fits to you all:D

6 thoughts on “Love U Fellas

  1. @ Wippie…I’m just the lucky one to have a chance sharing the life with friends like you

    @ Ogi….Sip deh hun. besok kita makan sushi yg banyak:D

    @Okky, thanks for the correction. writing in sleeping mode last night:D

  2. Comment on Love U Fellas, love u too dear ;)

    Hope our friendship survives the countless years to come…
    When our children play together, we gather and have a little arisan :D

    And our husbands become friends too… hehehehe…

  3. yesterday i just read an article in a magazine revealing lesson-learned from SATC, one of them is never leaving women friend:). And that I don’t do and never do as I’m suck lucky to have a friend like you gals:)

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