Love your Teeth

I should know what’s in mind of person who said that toothache is much better than heartache. As long as I know, toothache leaves nothing but pain, not only on the teeth themselves, but also at head. At the end, it brings toothache and headache at the same time. Perfect!!But if I have to choose, heartache or toothache, better not each one of them. I prefer to stay healthy, both psych and mental:p.

Generally speaking, tooth is not only functioning aesthetically. It helps us to cut and bite the food we eat.  The delicious pizza won’t mean anything if we can’t eat it. In short, tooth is very important as it’s related with the most important activity in our life, accordingly eating.

Two common problems about tooth are caries and plaque. Maybe some of you have ever experience bad caries that it causes swollen gum. It must be very hurt when chewing. The worse, I ever heard, is because tooth nerves are continuing to other nerves and organ in our body, such as kidney, they can harm the other parts too. The open-decayed tooth is a gate of the gems and bacteria to get in to other parts through the tooth nerves.

Departing from awareness that tooth health is a must, Ogi and I visited dentist yesterday. It’s a plan which had been delayed for weeks actually. Yes, both of us we’re lazy to go to the dentist and chose to go other errands in weekend. But no again yesterday. We had to. And the result, I got caries in four teeth. Ogi had the same number too. What a shame!!!
Unlike Ogi who was willing to go to the dentist as he felt hurt in his teeth, I felt nothing. My intend was just having minor checking on my teeth and didn’t expect that they were in trouble. No pain, no hurt, but it turned out that they were sick. The caries would have been worse just in case we didn’t check it. Thanks God we went there!! Finally.

As the dentist suggested ” Have a regular checking every six months will help us to monitor our tooth health”, we will go there in June or July. It should really work on us!

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