Melissa Karim

The first time I know about her, when reading an news about a movie” Perempuan Punya Cerita”, from where I knew that she’s one of the story writer. As commoner, I know that writing a script for a film isn’t easy. Moreover, the movie was entitled two thumbs up. Ever since, the name of Melissa Karim’s imprinted in my mind. No doubt, she’s smart

Then, when my friend Wimar told me that he’s about to appear again in TV, with his Perspektif Wimar, the name of Melissa Karim was on the air again. She was one of the co-host candidate who would accompany WW in his show. Straightly I told to Wimar that I supported Melissa to be one of the co-host. She’s smart, I said to him. Then Wimar said, let the people choose.

After being appeared in TV, finally watchers picked only 3 co-host to accompany Wimar (the selection was via SMS). One of them is Melissa. I think, Melissa’d performance is very natural. Her comment is a litle bit naught. Bravo Melissa!! Now I become a friend of her in Facebook:D.

I told Wimar if he could arrange a date for three of us. Unfortunately, on the last time I met Wimar, I couldn’t meet Melissa. But I still urge him to introduce me with Melissa:)).

Now, Melissa is active in Kalyana Shira Foundation, a non-profit organization which concerns with the marginalized, such as women and children. A way to go Melissa:)

7 thoughts on “Melissa Karim

  1. Huihihihi…eh menurut Ogi, Dian Sastro sm Sandra Dewi mirip ga? Cantik mana? *loh, kok ga nyambung*
    Eh Melissa Karim itu termasuk panelis Silat Lidah kan? Pinter emang orangnya, btw dia itu DO loh alias ga lulus kuliah krn masalah skripsi. Membuktikan kepintaran itu ga cuma dinilai dari validitas akademis yah :)

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