Money can’t Buy Happiness

Many things indeed open my eyes that happiness can’t be bought by money. No matter how rich we are, at the end it’s nothing if we can’t give love and happiness to people around us.

Last night, again, I got an important lesson-learned from a movie I watched with my hubby. The title is The Nanny Diaries. It’s about a fresh graduate who happens to be a nanny of a rich little boy. The The Nanny named Annie and the boy is Grayer. Grayer is the only son of the wealthy couple who lives in upper east side of New York. He’s just the typical of upper east side clan boy, who goes to the best school and of course accompanied by a nanny. His life is so lonely, despite the nanny with him, because he never gets any attention from his parents. Slow but sure, he loves his nanny than his own parents. Sad..sad..sad!!

His parents want the best thing for him. They work until late and therefore rarely spend time only to take Grayer to the park or museum. To my sadness, the parents dispose what they want to Grayer. I can even figure out why Annie must read financial times or other scientific journal to Grayer, who’s only under five-age minor. When Grayer is sick with a very high temperature, Annie can’t reach his mother who is still at spa.

I wonder, if children like Grayer are scattered around us. From a sharing with a friend, she told me the similar thing experienced by her boss, a career woman and CEO of multinational company. At the end, she refused to be posted in other country and other kinda promotions and chose to quit and build her own company. Why? because she wanted to be focus taking care of her teenage-daughter, who’s in trouble. Although the daughter is already 17 years old, it’s never too late to be close to the daughter as she knows all of her career and wealth she’s been earning can’t compensate the happiness she gave to her daughter.

2 thoughts on “Money can’t Buy Happiness

  1. ayaaaahhh…jelas2 bunda duluan yg nyetel star movies. btw, bunda ternyata ada ost nya Once lho, makanya tadi malam familiar sama lagunyah:D

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