Mr. Right

My status on Facebook this morning intrigued some friends to comment. Okay let me explain why I wrote that statement as my status. It started  from a chat with a best friend several days ago.  She’s in the crossroad whether to give a man, whom she’s not in to, a go or be patient for another one, she’s longing for.

My friend concedes to me that she chooses being patient for her Mr. Right instead of forcing her self to give her heart to a man she does not love. I have two say that both men have bright future. They have what women require from a man as their life time companion, materially speaking.

She keeps her heart to a man who’s has not shown sufficient clues that he’s also in love with my friend. While the other man has said the three words to her, I Love You. “Life is to short to love with just anybody” she says. In her waiting for the significant other, her Mr. Right, I know that she doesn’t want to push her self further with the man whom she doesn’t have heart to. She wants no regret later and thinks that the smartest way out is managing herself to answer question” when will your turn” in every occasion she encounters with old friends or after presenting wedding party of colleague.

She’s not the one who faces such condition. I have several friends who also have similar circumstances.  The question starts when we graduate and find a job. Okay, you have a job then what? Don’t you want to move further? When will you get married. And still many other questions emerge. That also happened to me years ago. Now, I never have that kind of question any longer. And I am so overwhelmed that I don’t live my life with just anybody, a settled man who’s willing to marry me, but a man that means a lot to me. And next question is, “What about baby??”.

9 thoughts on “Mr. Right

  1. kalo kata temen gw, pertanyaannya sebenernya bukan bisa apa engga. Kalo soal bisa apa engga jadian sm orang yg ngejar lo, ya bisa aja. Tinggal diterima aja, dijalani dulu. Hehehehe… tapi…mau ga lo mengkhianati hati sendiri? :P

    Ikutan ahhh…’what about baby?’ :) )

  2. @ Fenny…hope you are the luckiest one who can spend your rest life with a man you love most and long with all your heart.
    Baby??..wish me luck as well…i keep trying hard. swear!!!

  3. *rada OOT dari konten, tapi cukup nyambung dengan komen. aku barusan dapat dari blog lajangdanmenikahDOTcom, jawaban2 untuk beberapa pertanyaan nyebelin dari segala penjuru*

    Untuk Kategori Lajang menghadapi Pertanyaan “Kapan nikah?”

    Melly Aryadi: “Ntar deh kalau udah gajian”

    Kategori Menikah dan Belum Punya Anak, menghadapi pertanyaan “Kapan punya anak?”

    Gustira: “Kalo nanya kapan punya anak gue gak tau, tapi… kalo kapan buat anak gue tau bgt.”

    Kategori Menikah, sudah punya anak satu, menghadapi pertanyaan : “Kapan nambah anak?”

    Niam : “Nambah lagi? Ini aja satu belum abis.”

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