My satisfaction with the mass transportation in Indonesia is never fulfilled. Again, this year I am disappointed as I can’t go home to Jogja with the nice-affordable mode.

It’s commonly known that nearing to Eidl Mubarak, there’s a huge surge of people commuting from Jakarta to other cities. People are more than willing to take any risk, despite conditions such as poor facilities or increasing fares, as long as they can go home for celebrating Eidl Mubarak at their hometown. Unfortunately, the condition of transportation modes remains similar year by year. No improvements at all. No enhancement on the number, quality or access to get it. Even, recent years, mudik with motorcycle has been becoming a trend. Why? One of the reason as it’s cheap than taking buses or trains or planes. Meanwhile, motorcycle is basically not designed to transport people within far distance. Moreover, it’s less safer than anykind of mode.

Three years ago, the first year I worked at Jakarta, I stood in line for getting one ticket to go home to Jogja. That was my first ritual of mudik, anyway. i queued for almost two hours and started it since dawn just left, 5:30 in the morning to be precise. By the time I was getting near to the locket, I had to be discontent as it’s announced that the executive ticket was sold out. The one left was business class. I had no choice. And I got one business ticket, but only for a short period as I shortly sold it to a friend. My mum didn’t allow me to take the business class. ” It was too dangerous for a woman like you” She said.

The broker or middlemen, to my opinion, are very powerful in this “critical” moment. Can you find any reason why a locket which was just open about three minutes but could sell all tikcets quota?? It’s insane and ridiculous. It really happened when my friend queued for executive train ticket at Gambir early last month. That’s why I was so so so pessimistic if I can have one no matter effrorts I did, except buying with the broker itself:D. Don’t you think they cheat with the insiders:))??

This afternoon, my husband left me earlier to Jogja with Ayik, Ajik and Herman. They drive car and need to be at Jogja soon. Dad will embark from Bandung and pick Mummy at Cirebon. Both of them will take a car cruising the north coast route (pantura) in the peak moment. Tomorrow, in the evening, I’ll go with plane, whose fare is doubled than usual:((. Soon, we’ll meet at Jogja.

Anyway…”selamat mudik” everybody:)

5 thoughts on “Mudik

  1. selamat mudik thea…
    disinilah seni orang yg merantau..merasakan ‘nikmat’nya cari tiket yg harus antri ber-jam2, harga tiket yg melambung tinggi, ato keterlambatan jadwal keberangkatan.
    itu sudah biasa di indonesia…
    indonesia yg senang pada stagnasi :)

  2. Heuu… Tapi segala kebetean itu kan akan terbayar dengan kebahagiaan merayakan Lebaran di kampung halaman.. Semantara daku disini hanya bisa bernyanyi… “Lebaran sekarang…ku hanya titip salam..karena ku tak mampu pulang ke kampung halaman…”. Anyway, have a nice trip! Nikmatilah mudikmu The..

  3. @ sasti…gimana mudiknya kemaren sas? lancar kan? sempet lebaran sepi juga ya di jakarta:d

    @ Ogi…Siap bos…but i wish next year i don’t have to go mudik to Jogja anymore (ngimpi sih kalo yang ini:P)

    @Utamia…gimana lebaran di Aussie? menyenangkan???

    @harianku…lho…aku tuh lebaran di jogja lho:D

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