My Blind-Route Daddy

It’s been more than one year my dad has been being assigned at Bandung, but he’s still blind-route.

One and half year ago, not long after he moved to Bandung, we (my mum, my brother, my granny and I, visited him for the first time. Enthusiastically he took us around Bandung. At that time his knowledge about that cool city wasn’t  much. He had to rely with some instructions from his friends at office. However, we did understand as he’s just knew barely about Bandung and its confusing routes:D.

Several months ago, again I visited my dad. With my mum, we had several itineraries there for my wedding preparations. We hunted clothes material and souvenir for siraman. Still, my dad’s knowledge didn’t improve. It took several loops to leave Pasar Baru Bandung to his favorite restaurant. He drove while keep wondering if it was the correct route he took. My mum and I just laughed at a man we both loved. My dad didn’t change. He is still a nice man even when getting lost:D.

Last weekend, for the first time after married, my husband and I came to see he again. He was so happy and overwhelmed knowing that his daddy’s girl would be visiting him. He promised to take us wherever we wanted. His offer of course was irresistible, too good to be ignored. Lucky us to have him because Bandung was rainy almost all day. And the similar thing did happen again. We got lost with dad. Many people to ask for direction to train station. When taking us to the flowery hill at Lembang, he took wrong turn. Ugghhh.

in car, he said this to me and my hubby

I never go anywhere. I go to the office in the morning and back to home after five.After that, i choose staying at house rather than going out.

That’s how he defended his poor knowledge on the route. it’s reasonable as it only takes a minute for him to go to the office. He resides at home in one neighborhood with the office. And he is often accompanied by a driver once going anywhere.

Afterall, my dad is a nice companion for us. He drove along the way without hesitation. He didn’t mind taking us to FO for shopping. Sometimes he still insisted us treating us for lunch and didn’t mind at all if we wanted to spoil him.

Next time again….jangan kapok ya Dad:)

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