My Financial Management

Every month, I spend half of my salary for saving. I have two different accounts in different banks. One is for my payroll and another one is dedicated for saving. However, I am usually tempted to withdraw my saving, especially when I want to buy something, such as clothes. Actually, I have a special budget in my overhead cost for buying apparel or shoes. Yet many times, I couldn’t resist the enticement to get more money to get more things, beyond my actual budget.
Luckily I have a great financial advisor who suggests me to use online deposit. By that product, I don’t have to open new account. Simply by activating my internet banking and shortly I can save my money to the deposit account. And I started it this month. A half of my saving was transferred to the deposit account, and the rests were kept in other products. Besides, beginning next month, I invest my money to an insurance product (regardless the fact that my company affords all my health cost). Though, I still can claim my money even I don’t experience any illness (I can use it for traveling someday.
My financial advisor always keeps saying to me to manage my liquid money in my saving. He says it’s very effective to reduce my willingness to withdraw my money. So, now I always leave my liquid money only in a certain amount. It’s working now and I am so happy
Ps: Thank you so much my financial advisor. I am so lucky to have you

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