My First Horrible Night of 2007

I have never imagined that my first day of 2007 would turn horrible. It was in the night of 1st January 2007, when I took airplane to get back to Jakarta. Everything was alright until I entered the gate of airplane. Once the plane took off, I started thinking that the trip wouldn’t be as well as usual as there were many shocks accompanying the plane during the flight. Moreover, the current weather is unfriendly as well. Anyhow, I tried to calm my self and enjoy the trip.

Having flied for more or less twenty minutes, the situation got worse. The shock occurred more frequent, and much shoddier. Passengers, including me, screamed out when the plane got down abruptly. The pilot announced that the plane got into bad turbulence which caused unwanted tremors. It was horrifying. I fastened my seatbelt while repeatedly praying to the God, asking his assistance as well as merci so the plane could get out from that terrible condition. I kept saying prayer and I was convinced that all passengers did.

Then, the situation got better, though many shocks still annoyed us. I couldn’t wait hearing the stewardess broadcasting that the plane would soon arrive in Soekarno Hatta airport. Hence, when the tires of the plane touched the land, I was very glad. Once arriving, I even couldn’t think whether taking the plane in the night was a good idea. Whether it’s purely coincidental or not, I used the service offered by the company whose airplane lost in its Surabaya-Manado trip. And I flight in the same night, four hours later than the lost plane.

Well, before going back to Jakarta, I spent all day with my old friends. As it was long time we never met, hence our gathering was so exciting. We laughed and chatted (and gossiping a little bit). One of my friends treated us as he’s successfully passed the test in foreign ministry. The day was so cheerful, yet the night was unexpectedly awful. How about your first day of 2007? Was it as awful as mine? Or much better than mine? Anyway, happy new year for all!

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