My first Lasagna

Layer by layer, I put them on the pan.
The first layer, then I applied tomato pasta with the minced meet and smoked beef. Ups, I didn’t forget to give oregano leaf into it once cooked.
Next, again, I put another layer of lasagna, which previously boiled, in which I mixed some spoons of oil into the water so they wouldn’t stick together.

I added creamy sauce, made of low fat milk that I cooked with cheddar cheese and pepper powder. It was just like making creamy soup where I fried flour with the butter.

Okay then I put another layer, then laid the tomato pasta, the creamy sauce, consecutively until the tray was full.

Finished with the layers, I prepared the oven, turned it into 150 degree. I took the pan into the open and set the timer. It was around 30 to 45 minutes. I saw the the topping, which was full with chess, melted.

And the good smell came around. It was just baked perfectly. But I couldn’t taste it directly as I had two guests to be the first taster.

Not long after that, the awaited guest came. I served the pan and let them tried first.

Nervous, I expected their comment.

“Delicious, Mbak Thea”

Then I stared to my hubby.

“It’s delicious, Hun”.

I was flattered.

In the morning before leaving for the office, I prepared some slices of Lasagna to be brought to the office. My hubby said,

“Don’t bring all of them to your office. I wanna some more”

Okay hunney. Then I left half of Lasagna with him.

“So you can cook Lasagna?”
“Is it really your first-baking?”
“You can run business, then”

Those are their comments.

In the Yahoo Messenger, my hubby said,

“I got drunk because of your lasagna. It’s just really delicious”.

Voila…my first Lasagna and it’s nice:)

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