My New Baby: Twizel

In 2009, when I wrote in facebook note that I was an aspiring restaurateur I didn’t imagine that it happens this fast. I love cooking, I love eating food but owning and running a restaurant? It seemed so faaaarr awaaaayyy. To tell you the truth that when you love cooking or eating it doesn’t mean that you are able to make a restaurant! Culinary and culinary business are two different things. Once it comes to culinary business, many things involved. Hospitality, human resources, logistic, location, promotion, marketing and many more. One thing for sure: it’ s a business!!

Here the story begins. The fetus of our restaurant was created before we off for 3-week holiday. My hubby and I came up with the idea of making restaurant in our veranda. There is a tiny room as well that can seat 5 people. So, why not? Starting with the small one is not bad at all. 3-week holiday passed and we ‘had’ to make our dream came true.

On the very first time we wanted to make a restaurant, we planned to sell baked rice. Why baked rice? It’s simply because we love it, I can cook it, and no one sells it seriously at Yogya. For about two months, I did experiment in kitchen to formulate a very fine recipe of rice and the topping. My hubby was bussy searching and looking for the ingredients and material suppliers. Both of us were also bussy of finding the essential utensils such as bowl, plate, fork, spoon, glass and many more. Excited. We set the launching deadline and we managed to be ready before it.

On 22 April we launched our restaurant. n the first day, we invited some friends and some followers of @makanjogja to try our menu for free. Besides, some people came to buy our baked rice. Yes they were our first buyers. Thanks to them. More people came the following days. The news of Twizel launching went viral via Twitter. All of sudden, people talked about it on Twitter. What a nice start!!

A nice start should be followed by well-planned executions. As the veranda and the tiny room were no longer able to seat customers, then we decided to shut down our clothing store in the second floor. To be honest, during the first six months, the store didn’t perform well. So we think it is the best moment for pivot. All clothes are sent to Jakarta to be sold in our online store. We revamp the second floor’s lay out, add some details here and there, and voila more space in second floor ready for more crowd.

Our restaurant’s name is Twizel. What is Twizel and why? Twizel is a small city in South Island of New Zealand. It is beautiful and surrounded by amazing lakes. We’re impressed by its beauty, its cleanliness, its tininess. We want to be back there and that’s why we name our restaurant after it.

We are new player in culinary business and we still learn. I find out that managing culinary business is very exhausting. Though, my hubby and I are very excited. We know that more problems will be coming to tackle. What we have now is a new-born “baby” and we are willing to nurture it on and on. We are hopeful about it.


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