Nice Matter Award

Upppp..checking my blog this morning and found out from my friend, Utami, that She passed an award from me. The award’s entitled Nice Matter Award.

Intrigued by the award, then I clicked her blog and read it, trying to find out why I deserve the award. This what she wrote in her blog:

Karena isi blog Thea is always nice and positive. Hal-hal yang mungkin keliatannya kecil, tapi menyenangkan. From her writing, it seems that she really understand that life is built of nice little things. Even big things made of little things. So, Thea, keep your positive attitude, and keep shining yaa……

Uuugghh…I feel as If I were flying to the seventh sky..hahaha. Thank you anyway Kak Ami:)

Then another task for me is passing this award to another friend. Hhhmmm a little bit difficult I admit. From my point of view, the blogs by friends of mine all are good. Each of them has uniqueness. They write the blog in different style of writing. The topic discussed vary and I like them all. However, coz I can pass this award only to one friend, the i decide this award should go to Okky.

Nice Matter Award

Why Okky??? Because her blog is very interesting where she peels the humanity wittily. I love her writing about polygamy where she links the matter of polygamy and a piece of fried chicken. Curious??? Just check her blog.

Okay Ky…your turn to pass the award and I always look forward to your other writings.

7 thoughts on “Nice Matter Award

  1. woehehehe..deuh..jadi terharu nih…hiks…makasih ya..ini hadiah paling special setelah 12 jam kembali ke kenyataan hidup.. Anyway, emang pantes dapet Award…dianalogikan sebagai majalah yang punya segemen dan ciri khas masing2, mungkin mewakili cermin kehidupan perempuan cosmo – urban..renyah, ringan, mencerahkan…:)

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