Barack Obama

A release I read from this morning informed that Barack Obama gains a preliminary victory over McCain, winning 53 % of the overall ballots. This is of course a great movement for Obama and Biden, along with their team and their supporters.

John McCain probably should be grateful that this election isn’t open for the citizen of world. Compared to Obama, he’s definitely much less popular. He’s conceived as the representation and supporter of status quo, while Obama is the one who brings and promises the change. The change not only for America but also for the world, in sense his opposition against the Iraq occupancy by the American soldiers. Unlike McCain, Obama prefers to forge a more friendly approach toward the so-called terrorist country. He chooses a diplomatic approach rather than deploying more armies to the battle field.
Next week, Americans will vote, deciding their commander in chief.  I read many comments putting doubt in Obama’s victory in this election. They are questioning about American readiness to be led by the first Afro-American president. Asides his competency, skill, and expertise, after all Obama stays not a pure white citizen. HOwever, world-wide, Obama is seen as one of the citizen’s world. undoubtedly, his experience with world-wide cultural experience is kinda “a gimmick” for him to win all people’s heart. He has Kenyan blood, was born at Hawai, ever grew at Indonesia. He seems just one of us.

Will Obama win? We’ll see in the coming week if he really can realize his “change” mission toward a much better the “promising country”.

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