Ogilvy Aksara Avicena

It’s been so long that I haven’t written anything down in this blog. Well…i was quite inundated with new-mommy-related chores for the last several months. Yeaahh I am mommy now.

Thanks to Allah that finally i could deliver my baby boy in the world. After struggling for more or less sixteen hours..yeap sixteen hours, my baby was born in the world in spontaneous labor. I can’t be happier. I really really enjoy my life phase, being single, married and now happy with a very cute boy:p

It’s not easy for the first time nurturing the baby. First, I didn’t get my resilience back after laboring, so staying awake until late of night was very hard for me. However, my love for my baby is bigger than any reluctance of my eyes to open. Yes my bay is so adorable. His name is Ogilvy Aksara Avicena. I call him Cena.
Another important thing for Cena, and for baby around the world is breast milk. Since theĀ  very first time, I have insisted to breastfeed Cena exclusively for about six months. Nothing is much better for babies than breast milk during their first six months. Neither formula nor additional food. As a working mommy, this is becoming a big challenge. Long before entering to the office, I expressed the milk and kept them in the refrigerator. This is for back up in any case the milk that I express when I am in the office isn’t sufficient. But Alhamdulillah, the milk that I get every time I am at the office is enough for my baby.

And now, Cena is getting closer to six months old. I am so excited. The next step is preparing the additional food for him. I will tell you the story later.

Okay…enough for now. See you in the next posting:)

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