Oseng Mercon

Last time going home, I tried a unique food from Jogja, a hot culinary heritage named Oseng Mercon. My favorite seller is located in Kridosono stadium, Kotabaru area.

On Thursday night I went there with Ogi. We ordered two portions of Oseng Mercon, with white rice. Fifteen minutes later, the oseng mercon was served in front of us. Its appearance was brownish, with a lot of chilli seeds everywhere. Can u imagine how hot it was???

I picked a spoon of oseng and put it on the top of the rice. Then I ate just a little bit with the rice. Whuuuhhhh…it’s defenitely hot. Just like a “mercon” goes bombing in your mouth.
Ups.. I forget expalining what’s oseng mercon made of. The main ingridients are kikil (from joint part of cow) and of course chilis. Some people say, the comparison between kikil and chilii is 1:1. For cooking 1 kg of kikil, you need 1 kg of chili. However, other says that it’s 1:2, meaning you have to put 2 kg of chili for 1 kg of kikil. When my mom cooked oseng mercon, she used 1:1 comparison.
Okay, let’s back to my previous story. Once trying to finish the oseng, I didn’t realize that my eyes watered. And so did my nose. However, it’s really fascinating. Ogi and I never stopped moaning how hot it was. But, we continued eating anyway:D. Then, we rewarded ourselves with hot tea. Sluuurppp… our tongue went hotter:)). Lucky us in that night, the wind breezed cool, so it helped “wiping” the sweat in our head.
For you who can’t stand hot flavor, better never try this food. But if you insist, just try a little bit because you may have unbearable stomachache just like my friend. The capsaicin (the chemical contained in chilli) will make your tongue fiery as well as your stomach.

12 thoughts on “Oseng Mercon

  1. Lam kenal mbak.
    Oseng merconnya pasti maknyos ya mbak…hot sih.
    Btw, ur english makyus…he..he..jadi minder nih. Bacanya mumet (just kidding)
    Kapan2 kalo ke Yk nyoba ach!

  2. kapan2 aq brkunjung ke rumah thea aj,nanti dimasakin oseng mercon sm thea.
    Thea kan pinter masak. Umm..pasti maknyuss rasanya :) ya kan thea?
    Eh tp boleh g ya?

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