Our New Castle

Finally, we find our new house. It was found not in purpose. In Tuesday morning, Ogi passed a house with a “For rent” tag in the wall. And then, we called the number in the tag and asked further about the house’s specification.

After listening to the house owner explanation, we made an appointment to have a look at the house. In the afternoon, we went there and met a nice elderly couple who owns the house.

The house is just like what we look for. A quite large house with two bed rooms, a living room, a family room, kitchen and a garage. The neighborhood is nice. The water is clean. and the most important, the price is so friendly, suitable for our budget.

I believe that hunting a home is like looking for the Mr or Ms. Right. Need extra patience:p. Maybe the fortune star is shining above us. We get new house without exhausting efforts and with the quite cheap price. I just can’t wait my time managing the house and cooking in my lovely kitchen:)

We manage to move within months ahead, just one month before our wedding. Should you have a chance, please have a visit to our new small lovely castle at Pasar Minggu area. We’ll be ready with a cup of hot tea for you:)

12 thoughts on “Our New Castle

  1. congrats my dear, finally u’ve found ur castle.
    javanese said that hunting home is like ‘pulung’
    how lucky u’re, u found ur home-wanna be like what u’re look for

  2. @ Sasti…yeah, you’re right. We’re just luck to have this one. C’mon visit us Sas:)

    @ Dina..this is the first commitment and another is waiting:p

  3. Thea, I’d love to visit your love nest :D
    Can I have Dilmah tea? :p
    Kapan mau belanja keperluan rumah? Ajak2 dong… Who knows..? hehehehe..

  4. @ Fenny….aduh Fen, kapan ya belanjanya? Nunggu voucher dari kantor dulu niy secara lagi tongpes. Tau ga siy Fen, tabunganku bener2 udah kesedot buat nikahan+kontrakan. Skrg masi pelan2 buat ngisinya:D

  5. Miy…kalo k Jakarta, jangan lupa mampir yah. Ntar aku buatin susu jahe anget. trus kalo siang aku buatin apa ya? hhmmm…es susu gula merah kali yaaa

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