Potty Training

I proudly announce that my son, Avicena (25 months old), has completed successfully potty training program during the night. It started more or less one week ago, I suggested him not to wear any cloth diaper in the night. Surprisingly he agreed. Then, we began the night potty training program. Months before reaching 24 months old or 2 years, Cena did complete the potty training in the day and nite before sleeping. Therefore, completing the program in the night was another big challenge for me. Actually, I put it as one of my resolutions in 2012:)

Then, the program commenced. Before going to sleep, I asked Cena to pee. I also put waterproof sheet on the bed, just in case Cena unconsciously did pee in the night. In the first night, I did hypno-suggestion to Cena. Repeatedly I said to him a ‘chant” like this:

From this night on, if you want to pee, you wake up in the middle of your sleep and go to the bathroom.

I kept saying that to Cena while breastfeeding him before sleeping because it was the best time to suggest a person, including a toddler like Cena.

I watched him along the first night, making sure if he wanted to pee then I could rescue him to the bathroom. Beyond my expectation, he didn’t pee at all. Waking up in the morning, the first thing he did was saying to  like this :

Bun, I wanted to pee.

Then, hurriedly I carried him to the bathroom and voila…he did it in the bathroom. I was soooo happy.

And it continued in succeeding nights. Cena has been sleeping without cloth diaper until now. Learning from my experience, I could share some tips once doing potty training for children:

  1. Trust our children. Put trust on our children is the ultimate thing. Believe in his/her capability to make this program success.
  2. Start the program as early as possible. The earlier, the better. Once your son/daughter could sit straightly, the program can be commenced.
  3. Be consistent. Once your son/daughter doesn’t wear any diaper, offer him/her to go to the bathroom or pee in the portable closet.
  4. Be supportive. Praise them if they are willing to pee in the bathroom.


Quick Style Tips

As any mother will know, being a parent can sometimes mean that you don’t have much time to spent on making yourself look great. However, that doesn’t mean that mothers can’t still take pride in their appearance, and enjoy looking stylish. If you are looking to find quick and easy ways to make sure you always look great, then here are a few tips to consider.

If you don’t have the time or the energy to spend your days trawling around the shops in order to update your wardrobe, then don’t panic. There are plenty of ways to make sure you still look stylish using what you’ve already got. One of the best ways to add the finishing touch to almost any outfit is by accessorising. Simply add a beautiful ring from somewhere like 77diamonds, or an eye-catching necklace, and you will find that you are able to dress up your entire outfit in seconds. Jewellery fashions tend to come and go, so take a look through items which you no longer wear, and see of there is anything which might compliment your clothing.

If you are leaving the house in a rush, then dry-shampoo can be something of a miracle worker. If your hair looks like it might need a wash, then dry shampoo can help to revive it, giving you voluminous locks which smell amazing! A small pocket-sized hairspray can also be useful for taming unruly hair whilst on the go, as you can simply pop it in your handbag, and use as necessary. In addition, it is worth remembering that a red shade of lipstick will always add a touch of glamour to your look, even if that is the only make-up which you are wearing.

what’s in 2012

2012 is going to be an excellent year, I plan. We will start this year with vacation…yeay we really long for holiday after abundance of works through 2011. It will be an extending holiday as we will be off for three weeks. Three weeks? Yup it is. So, we’re now busy delegating our task to our staff so the daily chores that we’re used to do will be running smoothly without us.

After the pleasant vacation, we hope to get the energy and more insights to be applied at our next projects. My hubby is in on- going process of launching a new product with his team. I will be also occupied to deploy several projects which are related to my e-commerce business. And the most exciting is one of the project will be requiring us to travel to several cities!

This year we also hope our lovely house will be ready to be settled in. And once it’s ready, we will move to Jogja. And before it, I need to complete a series of course to gain a new competency.

Overall, we are hopeful to obtain more success ahead this year!

Motivating Children through Story Telling

with putri soehendro

I was moved by the presentation of Putri Soehendro, a professional story teller, @poetrisoehendro in the fun story telling event held by The Urban Mama at Fimelafest. She stated that nowadays most parent want their children to be an excellent straight A student. They send their children to the expensive school with two or three different languages. But it’s not enough. Children are given additional courses such as kumon and many more. Once parents have a plan to make the children as an excellent student, they forget that they never gave them a motivation. They missed the 1-5 year old moment and never told any stories which brought a good motivation. That 1-5 year old range is the golden moment must be known by most of us. When children pass the 1-5 year old range, they will be much harder to be motivated. Then it’s not surprising seeing a demotivated child in midst of courses and activities. One of the causes as they have no motivation.

According to Putri Soehendro  parents should use the golden age of children to inject as many as possible spirits, good virtues and values that can boost motivation to the children. Therefore, don’t waste the time. Stimulate our children’s brain with games, story, colors and voice so it will develop to its maximumly.

Story telling is something fun. Most children love it. Moreover if the we deliver the story in a funny and interesting way. That’s why parents, in my opinion should master this skill. And as parents we should not be bored telling the story for our loved ones. Why? Because through story we can insert values and good virtues to our children in a lovable way. They will have full motivation to enter the next steps of their life.

Then, what should be paid attention before telling a story to our children? Here are some clues:

  1. Give a short, brief and clear story. Bear in mind that children have a short concentration time. For example, your 1 year old toddler can only focus for about 1 minute. Your 2 years old daughter’s focus time is only 2 minutes. You can find google more about this focus/concentration time. Therefore, long story will disinterest them.
  2. Deliver the story with a fun mimic, different variety of voice (high pitch, low pitch). If you have puppet show, it will be much better. Story telling will be much fun.
  3. For the under-6 children, avoid mystique and miracle content such as story of Lorojonggrang and Tangkuban Perahu. And do you still remember the story of si Kancil. It’s not a good story anyway. Why? Because it figures the kancil, the main star, as a thief who steals cucumber. The main stars of the story must be the honest, the responsible and kind ones. So children can learn the good values from them.
  4. Create your own story. Why? Because children love the story from their parents as it will be unique and different from those at school, play-group or books. Putri Soehendro said that the idea of the story is available on many sites. Just give some times to look on it and modify it based on your children’s age.

As I learned from my story telling activity from my son, it also made my son ate all of his meals. I often inserted one or two short stories while he was eating. The theme was around the vegetable, or fish or meat on his plate. It’s very fun anyway.

So parents, why don’t you try it now??



On Monolog


Finally, I had a chance to visit this coffee shop, Monolog, which is located on Plaza Senayan. Well I used to be curious every time I passed this coffee shop. The style is very unique. Woody and warm. And when I killed the time before going to the cinema, my hubby and I, decided to go there.

Once entering the coffee shop, the waitress greeted me warmly. I could see his enthusiasm. We chose to sit at the terrace of the coffee while watching people passing by. The concept of Monolog resembles coffee shops in Melbourne. Many coffee shops in Melbourne are located precisely by the street, so visitors sit near with the hustle bustle of street.

I ordered the signature beverage of Monolog. Iced Orange Caramel Latte. It tasted so nice. I could taste the flavor of orange blended subtly with the coffee latte. Ogi, my hubby ordered hot choco praline (I forgot what its name exactly, but pretty sure that it was praline chocolate). The hot choco praline is a must-try for you who love chocolate. Not too sweet with a nice combination of bitterness along the sip.

The place was very clean. The waitresses were always responsive and helpful. Once I ordered additional tissue, they quickly got one for me. As this place attracts many people in the weekend, so I suggest you to enjoy it in the weekdays. As like what I did before, I came in the weekend and barely empty chairs there.


Iced Orange Coffee Latte : IDR 36K
Hot Choco: IDR 31K

Plaza Senayan CP 101B
Palm Gate Entrance
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
Jakarta 10270

Rumah Liliput

More than three years ago, in the early days of our marriage, my husband and I talked about building a small house for our children. A small house what we meant is really a small one. We thought of it nesting above the tree in our backyard. As it was small one that we dreamed of, then we called it Rumah Liliput. Rumah means a house. Liliput means tiny or small.

Back at that time, we hadn’t had a child yet. Therefore, we didn’t build any. In addition to, we also didn’t have any house. However, Rumah Liliput phrase becomes a symbol. It is a symbol that represents our hope and our dream. One of our dreams is having our own house and our home at once where we nestle and nurture the love of our family. When we talk about a house, then Rumah Liliput is always in our conversation.

Building a house is not a piece of cake. I learned it from my parents who built their house in Jogja. They searched for a land, bought it, hired an architect to draw the design and a officer to supervise the process of building. It involved tenses. It dried up their money and savings. They did it to have a home sweet home at Jogja. As they preferred not to buy from a developer, then it resulted in extra efforts.

That is exactly what we are doing right now. We decided not to buy one from the developer. The process of searching the land took a quite long time. Thank God that we are now being assisted by my father-in-law. He is the expert as he’s been in the construction field for more than 30 years. Now we are living at Jakarta and it is very difficult to look on the building process regularly as Rumah Liliput is located at Jogja. Why we choose Jogja instead of Jakarta? Because we want to grow our children in a friendly environment. And another important reason is because we want to stay close with our parents so we can take care of them intensively. Anyone would be my friends to hang out around on comfort afternoon at Jogja later? :D

Now, Rumah Liliput is half-done. It’s now in finishing process. The last time I went there last week, I saw many on-going progresses. It is projected to finish by the early of next year. My father-in-law says that he will strive to accelerate the process so it can finish on Cena’s birthday:).


cookies and yearly resolution

Last Ied Fitr, I said to my hubby that the next Ied Fitr I would bake my own cookies. That was a challenge I gave to my self as I was not an expert of baking. I love cooking, my family loves cooking. However, baking is not in our blood. My mum is not in to baking. She prefers cooking to baking, And so do I. I was not growing in baking culture. I grew in cooking culture of my family.

However, I have been nurturing my passion on baking since 3 years ago. It started with an oven I got as my wedding gift. The company was the mixer. Also from the wedding guests. As  a start, I baked the food that I love such as macaroni schottel and lasagna. And then, I tried with the sweet delicacies. I baked banana cake, muffin, brownies or cheese cake. Yet, cookies were not in my list.

I started baking cookies when I needed to make cookies from my son, Cena. It is my commitment to give him fresh food , including snack for him. So, instead of buying instant cookies  (which mostly contains preservative material), I baked it myself for Cena. Then, I continue baking and baking. I try many recipes I find in the internet.

So, as one of 2011 resolutions, I put baking my own Ied Fitr cookies in the list. There are four kind of cookies I have baked: kaastangels, choco chips, lidah kucing and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies. Of each kind, I bake as much as four jars so in total I bake for 16 jars. The cookies will be dedicated for my mother, my mother-in-law, my helper and of course for my family.


Have I told you that motherhood is cool?

Yeah it is very cool in many ways…

Motherhood teaches me to be more patient. It shows me how to sacrifice sincerely. Motherhood makes me wiser. It leads me to the way of peacefulness.

Yes it is peacefulness that I feel..

It is when my skin touches my son skin.

It is when my eyes see his eyes….it is when he smiles while I am breastfeeding him

It is heaven when he kisses my cheek in the morning and lays his head on my breast. His arms are warmth that disseminate endorphin to my body.

I never thought that I can be this happy, this content…

Now I know why I did miss this little creature so much…long before he was born:)

my precious

Today…..once again I feel so much lucky and blessed as I can sit working while my warm-hearted son is playing around.

There’s nothing beautiful than being able with him all the time, witnessing him grows, or simply taking a nap with him when I am done with my works.

I never regret the steps I made because what I have now is more than precious….I love you my son