Have I told you that motherhood is cool?

Yeah it is very cool in many ways…

Motherhood teaches me to be more patient. It shows me how to sacrifice sincerely. Motherhood makes me wiser. It leads me to the way of peacefulness.

Yes it is peacefulness that I feel..

It is when my skin touches my son skin.

It is when my eyes see his eyes….it is when he smiles while I am breastfeeding him

It is heaven when he kisses my cheek in the morning and lays his head on my breast. His arms are warmth that disseminate endorphin to my body.

I never thought that I can be this happy, this content…

Now I know why I did miss this little creature so much…long before he was born:)

my precious

Today…..once again I feel so much lucky and blessed as I can sit working while my warm-hearted son is playing around.

There’s nothing beautiful than being able with him all the time, witnessing him grows, or simply taking a nap with him when I am done with my works.

I never regret the steps I made because what I have now is more than precious….I love you my son


Let’s Start Being Smart Patients

The above-stated title is the title of my writing at the urban mama.

Here is the content in Indonesian without any editing:

Beberapa hari lalu saya membaca pengalaman seorang ibu yang putrinya cacat karena diinfus. Putrinya masih sangat kecil dan tangan kanannya melepuh berat karena injeksi infus. Miris sekali membacanya. Pada masa penyembuhan, kelingking kanan justru lepas. Saat ini keempat jari lainnya sedang diterapi karena susah digerakkan. Sedih ya?

Penderitaan si putri kecil tadi ternyata berawal dari demam dan muntah. Sang ibu panik karena dengan diberikan obat antimuntah yang diresepkan oleh dokter, muntah justru tambah hebat. Takut terjadi dehidrasi, Ibu membawa putrinya ke dokter dan akhirnya pengobatan justru berakhir dengan pemberian infus.

Membaca pengalaman ibu tersebut dan berita-berita lain yang menyoal kasus malpraktik di Indonesia, saya kembali tersadar tentang masih kurangnya kesadaran kita untuk menjadi pasien yang cerdas. Sebagian besar  masyarakat Indonesia masih menganggap dokter dan tenaga medis sebagai ‘dewa’. Akibatnya, kita sering take them for granted atau kata orang Jawa pasrah bongkokan. Zaman sekarang sudah modern dan informasi ada di mana-mana. Saya pernah mendengar ‘curhat’ seorang dokter dalam sebuah seminar kesehatan anak. Dia bercerita bahwa hampir semua pasien ekspatriat yang datang kepadanya bisa menjadi teman diskusi yang asik. Kenapa kok bisa? Karena mereka selalu mencari tahu terlebih dulu informasi yang diperlukan sebelum datang ke dokter. Sekarang zaman sudah semakin canggih. Bisa dikatakan bukan kita lagi yang mencari informasi, tetapi informasi lah yang mendatangi kita. Tentu saja kita bisa memanfaatkan itu. Banyak milis dan forum untuk diskusi yang bisa memfasilitasi kita untuk menjadi pasien cerdas.

Sebagai pasien cerdas kita juga harus sadar mengenai hak-hak kita sebagai pasien. Kita berhak mengetahui semua aspek yang terkait dengan penyakit yang dikeluhkan. Jadilah partner diskusi dokter yang setara. Setelah mencari tahu informasi melalui internet, buku, artikel atau sumber-sumber lain yang terpercaya, diskusikan ‘temuan-temuan’ kita dengan dokter. Berdiskusi lah dengan sopan karena itu merupakan modal penting agar dokter bersikap terbuka dan tidak pelit informasi. Setelah berdiskusi dengan dokter, kita tetap harus mencari tahu apakah obat yang diresepkan oleh dokter cocok dengan diagnosis yang disampaikan. Caranya? Cari tahu lewat google. Beberapa situs yang bisa dijadikan rujukan adalah Mayo Clinic, WHO, Kidshealth dan CDC. Jika masih kurang puas dengan satu dokter, kita bisa mencari opini dokter lain atau second opinion.

Menurut pendapat saya pribadi menjadi pasien cerdas bukan lagi hal yang dapat ditawar-tawar melainkan sebuah keharusan. Terlebih saat ini komersialisasi menjadi-jadi termasuk dalam dunia kedokteran. Pendapat saya buka sebuah bentuk disrespect terhadap profesi medis, melainkan sebuah ajakan agar kita aware terhadap hal yang terkait dengan hal yang sangat penting  dan mahal untuk kita yaitu menjadi sehat. Ingat! Kita adalah stakeholder atas jiwa dan raga kita. Dokter dan tenaga medis hanya membantu. So, let’s start being smart patients!

Bubu Awards v 0.7

Last night, I was surprised knowing that my online business was one of the nominees in BubuAwards v.0.7 for e-commerce category. Though I was not the winner, the fact that my web was nominated was beyond my expectation.

I remember that I submitted my presentation on the last minutes and had to struggle with the submitting problem. My husband and I thought that the uploading system provided by the committee was not reliable so many participants encountered problem. As I wasn’t pretty sure that my presentation reached them, then I sent it directly via email to the person in charge. Yet, I was not contacted. I was not informed on the further steps.

I assumed that my presentation was failed and therefore didn’t expect anything. One day before the awarding night, I received an invitation to attend a seminar held by bubuawards and Idbyte where prominent speakers from Google, E Bay, Linked In, Facebook, Kaskus convened together and spoke about the digital industry. I also got another invitation to attend the awarding ceremony in the evening, still in the same day.

We, my husband and I, went to the seminar. However, I was reluctant to attend the award night because it did not interest me at all. As I told you before, I was pessimistic that my presentation would be successful. My husband insisted that we had to go there just in case we’re nominated or even be the winner.

In the evening, finally we went to the awarding ceremony. We sat on the back. Once the list of nominee was announced, I was surprised that my online business was there on the screen. However, I did not win. It was okay because our target was only be one of the nominees. We just want that this business resounds in the online business in Indonesia. Our main objective is that the judges, consisted of experts in online business and digital industry, know and recognize us. And become the nominee of BubuAwards, has a marketing and public relation value of which very important for us who doesn’t have dedicated marketing budget.


Big Things Starts with the Small One

Big thing starts with the small one

That wisdom really relates to my personal experiences. I have been living in this world and I still have a faith that I need to work hard to get something.  If people see my life runs so smooth, I assume I must be very expert revealing my bright sides. They may not know that I am friend of hardships. So many hardships that I’ve ever met and they make me unbreakable. People may try to hit me, but I always stay strong both in attitude and mind.

My mother teaches me how to survive. She crawled out of hardship and pursues what she wants. She is always consistent on what she’s doing. She always stays on her passion. In this case, I think my mum is the lucky one as she’s always hand in hand with her passions; journalism and broadcasting. And now she harvests the yield. She’s woman on top. She started with small and now enjoys her big things:)

I have been living for 28 years in this world. I celebrated my birth day on last 18 of May. From 1 to 10, I mark my life on 8. I am happy and I want to be happier. I learn a lot and I still want to learn more things. I got achievement but I want some more. I was small tiny creature and born from my mother’s womb. Her cares and values are the guidance in my life when I grow up. I am inspired by her attitude, her struggle, and her spirit. My mum is my heroine who never stops praying for me, for my life and for my new family. She is very glad and enthusiastic with my new life phase, starting with my marriage and then my motherhood. Many thing she tells me and I do appreciate it. I am her big big girl now. I always be her little girl, no matter how old I am.

Happiness only Real when Shared

I am happy….

Because I can share my experience on parenting with my friends who just entered their new motherhood life. We discuss about rational use of medicine, on how conducting home treatment for kiddos, on what illness that can be cured without medicine, on how to stimulate toddler to walk, on teaching them how to brush their teeth, on how face picky-eating kiddos.

I am happy..

As I can share my home-made food recipe for kiddos. Yeah, I love to modify with the recipes. And I can’t be happier if I my friends can try it too and their kids love it. I was also a winner in recipe creation competition powered by a mailing list where I am a member.

I am happy…

For now I can employ some people and they are so dedicated. I am glad that I all of them are now economically empowered. One of my employees now is attending college. She takes the weekend class. My hubby and I support her as we see that she has a potential to be a leader in whatever she does. It seems that the virus disseminating to other staff. Hopefully another staff will soon attend night-class college:)

I am happy….

Since I have a happy small family. A growing-healthy-chubby-smart son and a supportive-hilarious-caring husband really make my life. I am happy as I now I have strong interest in baking. I bake almost every week. The cake I successfully baked were cheese cake, muffin, banana cake, tape (sweet-sour fermented cassava) cake. Today I plan to bake brownies as a companion of our fast breaking. Ssttt…I am looking forward to attending sushi course. Later I will update!

What’s your happiness?

Public Speaking Skill; Why Does Matter for Me???

Watching The King’s Speech makes me thinking how it is really related with everybody’s problem: public speaking. Of course the King George VI had a very serious speech defect but still public speaking frightens everybody.

I have been kinda obsessed to have a very good public speaking skill. Just this afternoon, I read a status of a friend in one of the social network. She wrote: is there any correlation between being nervous with speech of speaking. Hmmm..that question provokes my respond. For me: there is. Either people will talk faster or even slower when they have to speak in front of public. Which one you belong? As for me, I will speak faster with higher pitch:D

Back to my obsession, why I think I should master the public speaking skill? Well in my opinion that of course will help me to deliver speech properly, with good intonation and good body language. Speaking in front of the mass or crowd is not a new thing for me. Since in high school, I took part as committee in almost all school event. I was the vice president in school student organization so I was familiar with the situation. But still those experience haven’t helped me much.

What is the hardest thing when we deliver speech? It’s beating the nervousness. I really remembered the first time I came to toastsmasters meeting. At that time, I was a guest who was invited to give a speech in table topic session. This session was designed to provoke one’s ability to give a speech without preparation. I came to the stage and was given a situation where I had to present in front of the investors about the situation in Canada. Why they should invest their money there. That didn’t run smoothly, I reckon. Okay, I am good in English but I was really nervous at that time. That was my first visit and asked to give a speech of topic that I never heard before.

Joining toastmasters has given me enlightenment about public speaking. The senior members, who have completed level as competent communicator, speak fluently. The way they deliver the speech in front of the public really encourages me to be able to speak like them someday. I have completed my second project. It’s still a long way to go need to complete 10 projects to be qualified as competent communicator. Of course, the title isn’t merely the thing I want to pursue as for me doing the upcoming project will give me chances to practice and practice and at the end my skill will be sharpened.

Achievement in January

Woww….January almost ends. I still feel the energy and optimism to go on another months coming. Hopefully they will be increasing and increasing until the end of the year.

This January is so special for me. There are several reasons why.

First, I could accomplish my first speech at Jakarta Toastmaster Club. It took some times to deliver the speech since I joined the club at the end of 2010. Joining this club is something I am always excited. The atmosphere is so positive. The member? Don’t ask. They are very energetic and I learn a lot from them. The way how senior members deliver their speech in English smoothly really provokes me to improve my public speaking skill. Now I am about to deliver my second project. I am so excited!

Second, my lovely sunshine, Avicena a.k.a Supercun celebrated his first birthday. I am super mommy who’s very proud with my motherhood. The child really completes my happiness. Following my resignation from Telkomsel last September, I can do many things. I cook, try new recipe, go to gym, read more books, and of course play with Cena. He’s a warmhearted boy I adore. I love him so much. And being with him time by time is my ultimate achievement.

Third, after experiencing kinda dis-confident  situation my English skill, I finally regain my confidence back. I got satisfying score in my last IELTS test. With the score, I can be categorized as a good user. Yippieee

I look forward to accomplishing many things in February. Will keep you posted!

Happy New Year 2011

2010 almost ends. These recent days were colored by many incidents and moments. Last night we just watched the fight of our soccer team against Malaysia. Despite Indonesia’s winning, we still failed to be entitled the cup due to the goal aggregate. Many days before last night, people were queuing to get the final ticket. Not easy. However, they were more willing to line sneaking to get the ‘passport’. It isn’t sugar coating that the nationalism emerging among us is the best thing to close the year. We share something important. We have this game to show that we’re proud of being an Indonesian. We forget the hurtful moments along 2010. It seems that we’re so optimized with this final game. Putting asides the issue of overexposing, we just want this game for us. And that it is, even the team was failed, we still give our pride on them.

The 2011 is nearly coming. I really learn that 2010 has been running so fast. I remember that a year ago I was waiting to deliver a baby. And next January, he will celebrate his first anniversary. His delivery to the world is the best thing ever happened to me this year. Growing and nurturing him even is much better. Because of him, I dared to take an important decision in my life. Yes, I quit from my nicely-paid job. Starting from September, I became a mompreneur, a mummy who is taking full responsibility of her son and manages a business from home. Resignation, definitely, wasn’t included in my 2010 resolution because early that year I never imagined that I could make this move. I am just happy that I had a courage to do so. My time now is nicely manageable as I can do the business at home while taking care of my son assisted by a nanny. But most of my time is dedicated to him. I can bath him and feed him as often as I want.

I am very optimistic with the next year that I plan many things to achieve. In some targets, I really put my effort because I want to gain the best result.  I can do many things now and that simply makes me satisfied.

Some people love to write down their resolution, whereas some others prefer to leave them alone in mind or letting the year passing by. Well, whatever option that you belong, I’d like to say “happy new year”.

The Urban Mama; The Empowering Site

In this modern age, internet undoubtedly becomes a inseparable part of our life. The presence of this web-space is really helpful. It supplies us with any kind information we need. Previously, we were striving for the information. But now, the information itself that comes to us. What a lucky generation us.

The existence of web, mailing list or other forum based in web-space are the 24-hours available saviors of us. From my experience, I conceive that the internet is really helpful me as a new mother. More than one years ago, even before I was pregnant, I had joined a mailing list in which I could find smart parents who concerned about healthy, especially children’s health. From that mailing list, I start being familiar with the term Rational Use of Medicine (RUM). Once have a baby, a friend of mine introduced me with The Urban Mama. Well I think the site is not only useful in providing information, but also expanding our network as well. And I love that the members are called smart parents or smart mums and smart dads.
And now, as a new mother, my son is 11 month old, I am really inundated by information from my mother, my mother in law, my grandma, and other relatives who are more experienced in nurturing and growing a baby. The information has been being passed generation by generation. For me it’s similar with the local wisdom which to some extent is irrational. For example, we must wrap our baby tightly so the feet will stay firm.  Another ridiculous myth is  breastfeeding mum is not allowed to eat spicy food or drink ice as it will make the breast milk potential harmful for the baby.

By joining The Urban Mama forum, I know I can easily verify that information. Whether it’s a fact that should be paid attention or merely a myth that we can put aside. Just open The Urban Mama’s site and I can find abundant information and experience especially those relate to pregnancy, breastfeeding or chidlren’s growth. Even, several smart mums I find are promoting their online shop. This is fantastic because The Urban Mama empowers mums both by verified knowledge and leverage to earn living. In my opinion the urban mama is an empowering website.

Another thing I like most from The Urban Mama is the product review. I do remember when for the first time I knew about the doidy cup. I must haven’t known about that cute-helpful drinking device if i didn’t read it in The Urban Mama. And then, I bought two items of doidy cup for my son, Avicena, and of course I bought it from The Urban Mama’s member who manages her online shop. Smart choice for smart mums. In some chances, I also joined the quiz, yet never won any. It’s okay. Maybe it wasn’t my luck:D

In conclusion, with all useful information it provides, The Urban Mama is one of knowledge resource for me. As a new mummy, I want to give the best things for my son, just like other mummy out there. My decision isn’t wrong as I find more joy joining this site as I get knowledge and fun at once. Bravo The Urban Mama!!!