Perspektif Wimar

The topic discussed in Perspektif Wimar this morning was very interesting. The guest was the chief of Indonesia Toilette Association. Wimar, the co-host (Cathy) and the guest talked about the condition of the toilette in Indonesia.

Maybe it will be surprising for some of us. Talking about toilette in a show aired in the morning? It could seem nothing, but it’s really something. I’m sure we would be reluctant to use dirty-smell public toilette. Therefore, the existence of this association is to raise awareness of healthy toilette and educate people on how to use toilette properly.

I still remember a news about months ago about the poor condition of toilette in Sukarno-Hatta airport. Instead of improved quality, the condition of the toilettes there doesn’t reflect our willingness to welcome the foreign tourists who would visit Indonesia. In fact, our government forges a program “Visit Indonesia Year 2008″. What a contrary fact!!

Okay, let’s move on for a moment. I will focus on the talk show it self. Wimar said to me that it’s only one week left. It means i won’t see his spontaneous-naughty comment anymore. The low rating is the reason why it’s terminated soon. I knew about this last time I met Wimar . Meanwhile I was also informed by him that despite the rating, there’s along queue of advertisment waiting to be aired in the show’s break. Like my comment in his blog, I am failed to understand why we let rating drives what must appear in tv and not. Should this prevails , I can imagine what kind of tv shows what we would have. It must be full of sinetron and kinda of that. It’s saddening.

Okay W, it ain’t an ailment,but a chance to show another breakthrough.

4 thoughts on “Perspektif Wimar

  1. Hah…udah mau discontinued aja…Much to my disappointment :( I think he should make a show on Metro TV. It targets A & A+ customers. Despite relatively low ratings (compared to other TV stations), it prevails all these years, right?

  2. Thanks, Fenny and Thea. Maybe you work in large companies, and you know that the interest of the company are not always served by the officers in that company. So it goes for television stations. There is a lot of politics, and when there is no sense of mission, the station managers do not really care what the public thinks about their shows. No matter if a show has a lot of loyal watchers and strong advertisers, if some special interest is not served, they will not support that show.

  3. whatever the reason, it’s a saddening fact while our people need an alternative-witty-informative show. Hopefull you can appear in another show W.

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