Petite Histoire Indonesia

If you’re kind of people who has less interest in history, you really have to read this book because probably this book will grow your enticement on history, especially Indonesian history.
The author of this book, Rosihan Anwar, is an experted journalist. Starting from his interest in reading history book written by Dutch author about Indonesian in past decades, Rosihan thinks about writing a history book that can enjoyed by people, especially young generation. According to him, history isn’t merely the sequence of date and its historical events. History is beyond that. It’s supposed to be felt lively and meaningful to the current condition.

That’s why as a journalist who has experienced year by year of Indonesian historical moments, Rosihan wants this book can deliver the information of Indonesian history in enjoyable way.

This book comprises of 13 parts, each of it’ s inspired by his own experience in several provinces in Indonesia. An article of newspaper is put an introduction in each part. Just like the first of this about East Timor, Rosihan put an article about the declaration of East Timor, which is just separated from Indonesia.The article was published in Kompas, 20 May 2002. After the introduction, he took the readers past when he visited East Timor, where at the time chaos happened.

Different from history book in common, in this book Rosihan wrote the history with more of human interest touch. As a journalist, he knows well how to convey the history cleverly. Being bored reading history book? No chance, as you may get more interested in reading part by part of this book.

Have u ever known about Cocos island where undersea telegraph cables lied from Eastern Extension Australasia and China telegraph connected to Batavia? In this group of island also, a Germany ship, Eden, was wrecked during he first World War. You can find that sort of story in this book.

Besides, you can find many interesting historical events in daily activity of Indonesian or people in Indonesia in many several years a go. The small stories written in this book really happened in Indonesia. It’s interesting to know that this full-of-human-interest stories are put partly from the biggest major history of Indonesia. Meanwhile, they are actually very close to the history of Indonesia.

In this book also u may find stories about Sandlawood in East Timor, Nazi coup d’etat in Nias, or the story of Prof.Snouck Hurgronje’s friends.

Undoubtedly, Rosihan shows his excellence in this book. It’s very informative, reliable, yet written briefly and smartly which hopefully can make the readers read this book more and more.

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