Positive Thinking

The popular talk show, hosted by Tukul, broadcasted last night reminds me of one thing, which I consider as the greatest challenge in my life. What is it? To think positively!!
Never in our daily life can we avoid prejudicing somebody, something, or thinking negatively someone else. I always try hard to conceive a moment, a thing, or other person through many sides. It’s not easy, but it’s worthy to attempt. Like what I ever had. More or less a year ago, I was very optimistic on my opportunity to go to Bradford for furthering my study. I met all requirements, GPA, IELTS score, organization experience, voluntary activities, etc. I passed all tests until I had to wait for the foundation and university approval. My referees were optimistic as well. In the end of 2005, a letter came to me and there was stated that the opportunity didn’t go to me at that time. They said that I was too young for pursuing master degree. I was 22 years old.
I cried as I already skipped many working opportunities for fully concentrating on the scholarship. Many efforts had been done and I was afraid that I made my parents disappointed with me. Then I wondered what God was planning on me? Did he prepare something else for me? I was sure that He did.
In the beginning 2006, I started seeking for other scholarships again. Step by step, I gained my self confidence and tried to be more relaxed and enjoy every process. A good new came along. A university in Korea and Australia offered great opportunity for me. While looking for scholarship, I tried to apply to a telecommunication company. Shortly after applying, I was invited to attend several tests. I had no idea which one that I would pursue more, scholarship or working, as at that time I could pass every step of the test in that company. On early May, I was informed that I was officially invited to join with that company.
By choosing working, I reluctantly have to escape my dream furthering study for a moment. It’s very hard but it has to be like that. Working in company where I am now, at least I have to concentrate for more or less 3-5 years.
And the next, I still have no idea. But I have a firm idea on how God answers my prayers: He answers my prayers in His own time. And He plans the best for me. And one more thing: I don’t believe it’s a failure that I face if I enjoyed the process preceding.
Well, thanks to Mas Tukul Arwana for reminding me to conceive everything positively. As my above-stated avowal, it’s hard but it’s worthy to attempt.

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