Post-Wedding Party Expense

This morning, I sent a message to Wipi who just returned from her honeymoon. I reminded her that she had to turn my suitcases, which she borrowed for taking her stuffs to her new house. There are two suitcases with her, the small and the bigger one. Many times I urged her that I had to have my suitcase back before 12 April 2008 because I will be on business trip for a week. It means, I need a bigger suitcase to load all of my stuff. Moreover, the trip this time will be more lengthy.

Surprisingly, I received unexpected answer from her. She said she forgot that I would take my suitcase. Meanwhile, at the timeĀ  I messaged her, she was in her way to Jogja with Arief. Even worse, she brought her apartment key with her and therefore I couldn’t access her apartment to take my suitcases.

Then, she offered an alternative. She asked me to buy a new suitcase which in return will be paid by her. I agreed and I planned to go to Centro for buying the new suitcase. Another message from her then came along. “Please don’t buy the expensive one, if possible get the discounted”. Hahahaa, I guess she’s already all out for her marriage and should tighten her expense, especially post-wedding life.

Okay, I get the lesson-learned. Be wise of my money and please don’t be too much with the wedding party:D

3 thoughts on “Post-Wedding Party Expense

  1. :D
    wipi wipi…
    thea yg sabar…nyari diskonan dl thea ;p

    btw, bener bgt, nggak perlu jor2an for the wedding ceremony or even the wedding party,
    there are so many things u need to concern for your wedded-life ahead

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