Potty Training

I proudly announce that my son, Avicena (25 months old), has completed successfully potty training program during the night. It started more or less one week ago, I suggested him not to wear any cloth diaper in the night. Surprisingly he agreed. Then, we began the night potty training program. Months before reaching 24 months old or 2 years, Cena did complete the potty training in the day and nite before sleeping. Therefore, completing the program in the night was another big challenge for me. Actually, I put it as one of my resolutions in 2012:)

Then, the program commenced. Before going to sleep, I asked Cena to pee. I also put waterproof sheet on the bed, just in case Cena unconsciously did pee in the night. In the first night, I did hypno-suggestion to Cena. Repeatedly I said to him a ‘chant” like this:

From this night on, if you want to pee, you wake up in the middle of your sleep and go to the bathroom.

I kept saying that to Cena while breastfeeding him before sleeping because it was the best time to suggest a person, including a toddler like Cena.

I watched him along the first night, making sure if he wanted to pee then I could rescue him to the bathroom. Beyond my expectation, he didn’t pee at all. Waking up in the morning, the first thing he did was saying to ┬álike this :

Bun, I wanted to pee.

Then, hurriedly I carried him to the bathroom and voila…he did it in the bathroom. I was soooo happy.

And it continued in succeeding nights. Cena has been sleeping without cloth diaper until now. Learning from my experience, I could share some tips once doing potty training for children:

  1. Trust our children. Put trust on our children is the ultimate thing. Believe in his/her capability to make this program success.
  2. Start the program as early as possible. The earlier, the better. Once your son/daughter could sit straightly, the program can be commenced.
  3. Be consistent. Once your son/daughter doesn’t wear any diaper, offer him/her to go to the bathroom or pee in the portable closet.
  4. Be supportive. Praise them if they are willing to pee in the bathroom.


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