Public Speaking Skill; Why Does Matter for Me???

Watching The King’s Speech makes me thinking how it is really related with everybody’s problem: public speaking. Of course the King George VI had a very serious speech defect but still public speaking frightens everybody.

I have been kinda obsessed to have a very good public speaking skill. Just this afternoon, I read a status of a friend in one of the social network. She wrote: is there any correlation between being nervous with speech of speaking. Hmmm..that question provokes my respond. For me: there is. Either people will talk faster or even slower when they have to speak in front of public. Which one you belong? As for me, I will speak faster with higher pitch:D

Back to my obsession, why I think I should master the public speaking skill? Well in my opinion that of course will help me to deliver speech properly, with good intonation and good body language. Speaking in front of the mass or crowd is not a new thing for me. Since in high school, I took part as committee in almost all school event. I was the vice president in school student organization so I was familiar with the situation. But still those experience haven’t helped me much.

What is the hardest thing when we deliver speech? It’s beating the nervousness. I really remembered the first time I came to toastsmasters meeting. At that time, I was a guest who was invited to give a speech in table topic session. This session was designed to provoke one’s ability to give a speech without preparation. I came to the stage and was given a situation where I had to present in front of the investors about the situation in Canada. Why they should invest their money there. That didn’t run smoothly, I reckon. Okay, I am good in English but I was really nervous at that time. That was my first visit and asked to give a speech of topic that I never heard before.

Joining toastmasters has given me enlightenment about public speaking. The senior members, who have completed level as competent communicator, speak fluently. The way they deliver the speech in front of the public really encourages me to be able to speak like them someday. I have completed my second project. It’s still a long way to go need to complete 10 projects to be qualified as competent communicator. Of course, the title isn’t merely the thing I want to pursue as for me doing the upcoming project will give me chances to practice and practice and at the end my skill will be sharpened.

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