The advantage of being two, my husband says is you can share yours with your partner and vice versa. For example, when deciding to buy a book, my husband asks for my consideration which is to buy, then of course I will give my opinion gladly to him. Unavoidable, in his choosing, there’s my reference. I can read his books and he can read mine as well.

We have our own reading but we never mind to share what we have. As for me, every month I always buy Reader Digest (RD). This tiny magazine is very helpful to help me learning English. Besides, the information contained is very various, from science, technology, health, psychology up to simple tips. How about my husband? He loves reading National Geographic (NG), a magazine to which I also fall in love. Not only does it contain knowledge, NG also drifts us to fall in love with the beautiful photos captured by its great photographers.

Until know, I keep buying the RD in the small shop-mart near my office. As the month is about to reach its end, I will always go there to find the newest edition. And at home, I read it and my husband would like to know what it’s all about too.

He said, “Hun, don’t discard the RD and NG, instead have all of theme bundled and we’ll display in our library, later in our own home”.

I ever caught him reading RD with full of concentration. Intrigued, I asked him” Why so serious, hun?” and his answer made me laugh,…”because it’s in English”:)).

Uupppss…then I remember what he ever said to me…”this magazine will be a friend of our guest if we have coffee shop or restaurant”. Yeah, a dream that we share together. It’s marriage, the art of sharing:)

3 thoughts on “RD & NG

  1. @ Ogi…lengkap sudah, buku-buku, majalah, dan koneksi internet. ruah kita bener2 nyaman, weekend jadi ga mboseni lagi

    @ Brandalan…gak susah jatuh cinta dengan NG:p

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