Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon 2017 [Review]

Despite the last year fiasco, Borobubur Marathon made its comeback this year. Not only a comeback but an impressive comeback. How can I say it was not an impressive one when all must-have in a running race were fulfilled by race organizer.

It’s apparent that the sponsor has made a correct decision by replacing old organizer with the brand new one. Borobudur Marathon 2017 is one of the best running race I’ve ever attended. Let’s see what it offered last week.

First of all the race pack collection. Although I didn’t go to collect the race pack by my self, my friend who went to race pack collection praised its professionalism. All was tidy and efficient. There was no long queue and unclear procedure. I trusted what my friend said because he went to race pack collection in same event last year. Not only my friend who said so but other fellow runners commented similar thing.

This year, Bank Jateng Borobudur Marathon or BJBM hosted more or less 10 thousands runners, 6000 of which were 10K-category runners. Throw back five years ago when I participated in the similar event, the participants were as many as this year. The difference was only they all ran in 10K category because it was the only category. I skipped this event twice, in 2015 and 2016. This year I took 10K category along with my husband.

In the D-day, I arrived 30 minutes before the start time which was 6 A.M. I was quite surprised that we still got a parking lot despite huge numbers of cars and buses took by participants. The huge parking lots has its benefit: it fits hundreds of runners’ cars and motorcycles. The sign marks were everywhere so runners wouldn’t get lost once entering the main venue.

Before heading to the start line, we rushed in to the bathroom. To my surprise there were a lot of portable bathroom provided. It was very excellent. Runners didn’t have to wait too long for their turn. After finishing our number one business, we passed the deposit bag which was very large and attended by adequate staff. There was also ice bath pools for post-run recovery. Thumbs up.

My husband and I tried to squeeze among 6000 runners to get as near as possible to the front tier and as planned 10K category started on 6 A.M sharp. The route was very crowded in the first kilometre. Hell yeah there were 6000 runners who ran with us and how we couldn’t expect it was not crowded. Thank God it was sorted out after first kilometre.

The were a lots of cheering squads along the route. And because of that, BJBM could be a serious contender to the Bali Marathon. There were traditional dancers, percussion performance, drum cheering and other traditional culture performance and all of them perform religiously. The 10K route was full of minor up and down. Not to hilly and not too sloppy. All of them were very enjoyable. Morever it was drizzling when we entered the kilometre 2. The sky was overcast so we did feel okay.

Another praise for this race was the water station. For 10K category it was stick to 2.5K rule. A plus was the water station was not only stationed in one side but in two sides of road. Plain water and isotonic drink were complete. From what I heard even the last runners still got both of drinks. This year, my community also opened a cheering and water station in kilometre of 39. We provided fruits, choco bar and even cola:))

After passing the kilometre 7, runners could see the peak of Borobudur Temple from distance. I always took photo in this spot in my two participations in this event and this year I also wouldn’t miss it. Unlucky, the photo was not clear as my hubby’s phone acted up because it was wet. Sad.

In the last two kilos, the route was inside the Borobudur complex. Many committees and visitors cheered us up to finish the race. As planned, my hubby and I managed to overlap the pacer 70 minutes in the last kilo. When it was already 9 kilos, we ran passing the pacer 70 minutes and finished the race hand in hand. Hopefully the photographer took this moment:p

In the finish line, runners were directly escorted to the medal  and refreshment alley. After that runners could head to the race village where there were a lot of sponsors booths. To my opinion the race village was not as impressive as Mandiri Jogja Marathon. Let’s see next year BJBM can make the race village even better.

Overall, I would recommend all runners to run in this event. I am pretty sure next year event  will be as excellent as this year. Moreover, Borobudur temple its self offers an added value to our experience. So why not going?






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