Roasted Chicken van Gandu

Once you have a chance to visit Magetan, there’s another spot that you may visit aside Sarangan lake which is located at the feet of Lawu mountain. In the Desa Gandu, Rejosari, Magetan, the people are actively involved in culinary business, which has empowered local economy impulse.

My visit to Sentra Ayam Panggang Gandu was solicit, unplanned. Starting from a plan of attending a best friend’s wedding at Ngawi, my friend, Citra and her hubby treated us to have a lunch at Gandu. Entering the village, on the left and right side, I saw houses with tag ” Ayam Bakar”. Almost every house there sells ayam panggang (roasted chicken). The appearance of the home doesn’t look like a restaurant as it’s not set like that. Instead, guests will be served in each house’s living room. No chair but all sit on the floor.

We arrived in a house which is said serves one of the most delicious ayam panggang. Mas Eddy, Citra’s hubby, ordered for us. Not so long after that, the menus came. There were two plates of ayam panggang, one was onion flavor and another one was bumbu rujak flavor. Hmm it looked delicious. The ayam panggang wasn’t served alone as there were other companions such as lalapan, botok, trancam, pelas, and of course sambel. All of them really awoke our appetite.

I tried the ayam panggang bumbu rujak. Though it was a little bit tough, the flavor was so nice. Maknyusss. It’s combination of sweet, salty and spicy at once. Then, I moved the botok into my mouth…hmmmm delicious. Just like the one my mum’s cook. The trancam wasn’t less delicious. They were good combined with the warm white rice. Yummyyy:)

I am so sorry that I can’t give a detail information on the price as I was there because I was treated:D. But once talking with Mas Eddy, He implied that the price of a whole chicken is around 44-45 thousands rupiah. Worth it as it can be eaten by 4-5 people.

Botok: mix vegetable which steamed in a banana leaf
Trancam: mix fresh vegetable with coconut sauce
Pelas: dish made of black soya bean

4 thoughts on “Roasted Chicken van Gandu

  1. wah…mau dua-duanya, ayam gandu sama omah sendok.

    okky tuh curang, mbak thea, aturan sebenernya aku yg kepengen nikah di omah sendok :D masalahnya, belum ada yang mau dinikahin, hihihi.

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