Ruined Holiday Plan

Holiday mood is already in the air but definitely I won’t spend the new year eve anywhere, probably at home, this time.

So sad that I have to cancel my plan to Bidadari Isand with my hubby and Wipi along with Camat as well. The notification that I can’t get my leave is so near to the edge, even when Wippie already paid the down payment. Aaaghhh!!!

Okay, my plan to Bangka Belitung is failed, then to Padang Bukittingi is also same and when I try to find some luck at Bidadari Island, it turns out ending sadly too! Sorry my lovely huckelberry. Next year we are going to destinations we are dreaming(with a note:asal blom hamil lho ya…)

7 thoughts on “Ruined Holiday Plan

  1.…bersyukurlah ke Bidadari batal. Itu pulau lautnya masih jelek banget, warna coklat gitu deh. ngetop karena ada resort dan jaraknya paling deket dengan jakarta. Kalau mau ke pulau seribu mending ke pulau pramuka aja. Jadi kapan kita berangkat? hehehe…anyway thanks ya kemarin dah dateng:)

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