Run a Business and Enjoy Much More Time

Being raised by a mother, who’s a career woman, as a daughter I wanted to follow what my mum was doing. I was dreaming as a career woman as well. I think it’s a natural because I was living in an environment where I looked up my mum as a role model.

Building pathway there, I studied hard while keeping choose the career option suitable for me. I found what I wanted to be when I was in a senior high school. Diplomat, i thought, was cool after reading  a story about an Indonesia ambassador.

Okay, the fact that I am not becoming a diplomat didn’t make my parents disappointed. Instead they could really understand that finally I indeed never wanted to be there. Many considerations why I never applied to that institution. And now I am working in telco company, a new field for me which doesn’t make me inferior but on the contrary gives challenges for me.

Before entering a real work-world, I never paid attention about career option in non-formal path, being an enterpriser, for example. I have several friends who build successfully their business. And even I get envy with my husband who has more flexible time than me.

Chatting with a friend several days ago, she gave me an enlightenment about working as enterpeneur.  She elaborated several advantages working at home (she owns an online boutique). The best advantage is having much more time with children at home, which is the most precious one.

I share similar idea with her. Looking the condition I am facing now, the time I have with my husband is limited due to my work thingies. Even it’s only 8-5, we think it doesn’t really worth except for weekend. Just can’t imagine how much time I can devote to my children later, if I remain working this way:((.

My husband keeps encouraging me to start up a business. It’s not easy for that who has a labor-mentality like me:D. I have to learn with him and my other friends who are in their way to build a business and dare to leave their nicely-paid job.

What about you, my deary fellas???

9 thoughts on “Run a Business and Enjoy Much More Time

  1. memang susah thea kalo mentalnya masi mental ‘kuli’ kayak aku
    i’m so afraid to take the risk since we’ve ever failed run our early business :(
    next year maybe, i’ll start another one, hopefully

  2. @ Sasti…katanya kunci keberhasilan usaha itu ya tekun dan pantang menyerah. Kita aja belom sampe k situ, bahkan untuk memulai aja masi takut. takut ini dan itu, makanya ga “berangkat-berangkat”.

  3. bener banget thea…
    jadinya belum ‘berangkat-berangkat’
    ini lagi mematangkan tindak lanjut dari rencana, masi discuss sama suami
    mudah2an segera terealisasi, meski kecil2an dulu

  4. Jadi mba thea memutuskan untuk menjadi ibu rumah tangga yang aktif dengan bisnis online? Padahal aku lihat mba thea orang yang smart dan cocok menjadi wanita karir.. punya banyak relasi dan pengalaman bukankah itu hal yang menyenangkan??

  5. Yes Thea, especially when we kids at home. We are the one who need to nurture them. Don’t make our job send the kids to daycare to be taken care of by other people. I just realized being the kids a lot, that children naturally need parents around. Being a woman is hard, although being a man is hard too, because of the demand on them to be “the head of family” which means money is their responsibility (we admit it or not it is). But, believe me, being at home with the kids doesn’t mean being non-productive. We’ll learn a lot, and if you ‘re determine, you can create a lot to pursue our other dream other than “working for somebody else”….
    Children need their mommy, syukur syukur Daddy juga a working at home Daddy…they’ll be even more ecstatic.

    Anyway…selamat memilih Thea…and please tell me when you’re expecting baby ;-)

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