Stay Focus

This morning, my boss and I discussed about the on-going improvement on the program that I run. This is a part of 2-week based regular reporting. We talk about how far my program runs, the interim result and should any problem and barrier prevail, we share the way how to solve it. That processes run lead to one thing. Goal!!

I always remind my self the importance of being focus to a goal, how to achieve it in smart way. Within handling my new assignment, I often feel overload. The target multiplies. However, again I repeatedly say to myself that I have a goal to reach. The goal can be set up by my management (in this way it will reflect our KPI) and by myself.

So far, for the second quarter period I have completed 90% achievement for what targeted by my management. 3 weeks left before this quarter finishes. I wish I can maintain my performance, and of course improve it in another quarters. Let’s do the best. Stay focus!!!

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