Tak Tik Foto

Reading this book, opens our insight that editing photos is very easy. My friend Angel, a co-founder of kutukutubuku.com elaborates all tips of editing photos “professionally” in her newest book.

The emergence of social networking like Facebook, Friendster, or FUPEI unconsciously awake our “narcissism” side. We want to publish the photos with unique appearance. Many people think that editing photos needs special skill with complicated software. But this book will give you how to do the trick.

In this book, Angel elaborates several free on-line softwares that are usually utillized to edit photos. You will know step by step of using the software and how to make the photo as unique as you want. Then you’ll find it’s easy. Moreover, Angel uses a non-formal language, makes us more enjoy reading it.

The book is simple, easy to understand, and the most important, the content is applicable.

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