The Address

I just realized that we mistyped the address in our wedding invitation.

As the akad nikah was held in my house, we also put my address in the invitation. Without checking and rechecking, we wrote KM 14.5.

It caused a problem then when my office colleagues from Jakarta intended my akad instead of the reception (because they didn’t get ticket for going back to Jakarta). They lost when they went straight to KM 14.5. As consequence, in the last minutes before being called to meet my husband, I still picked up phone call from some of my friends who lost somewhere between KM 14.5 and KM 10.5, where my house is situated. I am so sorry Pal:D.

Then I found out that my house was situated on Jalan Adisucipto Km 10.5 not in 14.5 as I assumed before. I never paid attention where it was actually because it’s our new house and we moved there not more that 1.5 years ago. Before settling at the current house, we stayed at our old house at Jalan Gejayan. As my Dad moved to Bandung, then our family no longer entitled to stay at that house. Then my parents built a new house on a land which they had bought years before.

Our old house was far smaller than the new one. Yet it had a very large yard with green grass and was located in the heart of city. We could go everywhere easily. Ogi loved to sit in the red chair at the veranda while enjoying the breeze from big trees surrounding my old house.

However, I also love the new one. It’s bigger and more than enough to accommodate almost all of my relatives who attended my wedding last August. It.s very near with the airport so Ogi and I didn’t have to rush when catching our flight to Bali:). The neighborhood is very lovely and humble. Their hospitality is a true example of togetherness, which I found rare at big city.

Suddenly…I miss my house:(

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11 thoughts on “The Address

  1. kangen rumah juga.. :(
    Awal puasa g bisa pulang..lengkap sudah kesedihan :(
    Well,kangen rumah tp rumah yg di jakarta lebih ngangeni kan thea?
    Buktinya tiap hari thea pasti pengen buru2 balik kerumah ;)

  2. Aku yo tersesat ampe KM 14,5 sesuai undangan, puter balik beberapa kali…da hampir nyerah, hampir g dateng ke acaramu. Telpon Kampang g diangkat, telpon kmu ato Ogi takut ganggu, telpon Wippie g jelas juga…untung aja pas aku udah sktr 2 km dari rumahku, Kampang telpon, dan aku balik lagi. Kali ini ke KM 10,5… :p

  3. The, secara Fitri itu sepertinya bertugas memotret, aku bs merasakan kerepotannya bawa-bawa kamera, ngejar moment, ngintap-ngintip kamera, klo ampe aku telpon dia… intinya, aku emang lupa telpon Fitri… :-S

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