The Anguish of Education; Learning from Laskar Pelangi

I should salute Riri Riza and Mira Lesmana along with their team for presenting a qualified show for us. Their last-produced movie, Laskar Pelangi, is an oasis in the drought of qualified Indonesian movies nowadays.

It should be admitted that the novel of Laskar Pelangi has a cinematographic potent as a movie. Riri and Mira just made a correct option of making it as movie. Please understand my position that I am never that in to Indonesian movies. The themes such as fool-romantic love story or ridiculous horror genre don’t appeal me whatsoever. Such themes grow mushrooming and it just makes me fed up and wonder if any good movie will show up.

Laskar Pelangi the movie is definitely the answer of my curiosity. It speaks about the real condition of Indonesian education. The figures in the movie never dare to dream, yet what they are dreaming isn’t bullshit. It’s every body’s dream that they want to be knowledgeable and have a good life ahead. However, the economic condition and poor education system confine their dream.

Lintang, one of the main stars, is the smartest student. Sadly, he has to end his dreaming to further his study. Upon his father’s death, shortly he replaces the position of breadwinner. Lintang is actually not alone. Many aged-school children face similar problem. According to the Komnas Perlindungan Anak, there are approximately 11.7 million children discontinue school in 2007. The number is predicted soaring to 15 million in the 2008 (source:

And also my sadness goes to the much-less-than-proper condition of school infrastructure. Often we hear that inferior quality of school building affects to the learning-studying process. It’s equal to violation toward the children’s right to obtain education. Will the increment of education budget to 20 % of national budget help?

8 thoughts on “The Anguish of Education; Learning from Laskar Pelangi

  1. belum nonton Laskar Pelangi niy…

    tapi malah kepikiran gimana kalo ntar Sang Pemimpi dibikin film. pengeeeeen banget ngeliat gimana penggambaran ayahnya Ikal yang setia melakukan ritual mengambil rapor, dan tetap bangga pada anaknya meski nilainya jeblok.
    satu adegan itu yang lekat di benakku dari seluruh isi buku.

  2. @ Lintang Kemukus…setuju..tapi kok blom ada yang menyinggung soal itu yah??

    @ Mya…kamu skrg di mana? Ntn di Jogja aja. d jkt juga masi susye dapet tiketnya. Nontonnya bareng anak2 kecil kmrn.
    Nunggu film sang pemimpi…siap2 aja. tapi gak mungkin semua plot di novel bisa diangkat di film kan, termasuk kejadian yang kam tunggu2 itu:d

    @ Ogi…Mudah2an k depannya ada lagi ya hun. gak sekedar film yang ngangkat cerita janda atau hantu2an yg gak mendidik:). Masi banyak tema lain yg lebih realistis

  3. Laskar Pelangi the movie is the best movie on 2008, but if we watch Naga Bonar movie, I think naga Bonar is the best movie too …
    Do You Agree?

    nice to read this blog


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