The God of Happiness

The source of happiness is not figures in my saving account. For me, the god of happiness is seeing my parents, spending time with relatives or hanging out with friends.

Seven days in Jogja of course isn’t enough for me. Though I could have my moments with my family, go out with friends and go around my new neighborhood, it’s still insufficient. I think I must have a longer time even though I don’t know how many days more I need.

I took moment by moment this Eid Ul Fitr thoroughly. I really enjoyed the time I spent with my lovely parents was. We worked on together the mess in our home when Lik Sus, our maid, went home to Wates. I could have a chance to profound my cooking knowledge. My Mum taught me how to cook rendang, Padang food which I always wanted to master at. And Ogi said it was delicious. Merci mon cher.

Then I realized how important the friendship I have. My friends are my power source. Last Tuesday, my friends and I gathered at Jimbaran restaurant. We were there to celebrate the birthday of Wipi, Nora and Ririn. Just like when we met many times before, this gathering was also decorated with laughs and jokes. Unbelievable, it’s been seven years we’ve been together. Now, we have our won story, go through our own journey. As my friend says, eventually we have our own life. Ririn who met her halve in KKN. While other friends ended up with broken relationship with their KKN-friends-turned lover, Ririn and Ipunk stay together till now. Arif, who will go to Brazil and plans to marry my best friend, Wippie. Indi who’s still chasing her dream. And me, what about me? I am still looking what I can do in the future.

I am glad. I am happy. I was recharged and now full of power. The god of happiness of mine, I have already met it.





2 thoughts on “The God of Happiness

  1. Dear Thea,

    Really honoured to read you opinion about our friendship. Never know that you have put a lot attention to my relationship with Ipunk for many years, thanks for being a very objective person in every situation….

    Loosing friend is the most aching experience in my life…i will try to repair it someday…takes time (as you say to me) but nothing can not be healed.

    Looking at your progress with Ogie (which is also my friend) makes me realize how love can boster us to seek a better condition of life, but in someway it also makes us accept the path of our life means accept our soulmate as a whole package. I can wait to attend your wedding day :) Yes you have your god of happiness, as well as I have mine.

    Please take my gratitude as a friend to you for being there always :)
    God Bless You..


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