The Hindered Training

Ash! That particle surprisingly has been hindering my half marathon training since last friday. For you who may not know just google with keywords “kelud” and “eruption” and you will get many information, breaking news about it and its latest update including in the affected city like Yogyakarta, place where I live now.

In the end of 2013, Ogi and I decided to sign up our second half marathon race in 2014. The choice falls in to 2XU Run in Singapore. It will be held on early March 2014. We thought 2 months preparation would be enough considering long run exercise that we already did regularly every weekend. ¬†The peak of my training should have been on 16 February or two weeks before the race. ¬†Unfortunately, two days before it….bump…the mount Kelud in East Java erupted and spewed tons of materials in to the air. And Yogya, situated more than 130 miles away from it, is heavily affected. The ash, carried away by wind to the west, reached Yogya and its surrounding on 2 A.M. The ash rain kept continuing until 4 hours later. Yogya became desert-like. White and gray everywhere. The thickness of ash reaches 2-5 cm. The sight distance averagely not exceeded 2 meters. It’s impossible to go our without mask and glasses.

And now, as I am writing this post, it has been six days of dessert-like situation in Yogya. The official information issued by authority says the quality of the air is still bad. It means that I can’t run outdoor and now clueless when I can start resuming my running exercise. Meanwhile, as a substitute and also for fitness-sake, I do strength training and circuit training at home.

Next week I will enter tapering week. I look forward to running outdoor again so let’s hope the situation will get better *finger-crossed* . Will get you updated again. Ciao

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