The Most Precious Gift of My Life

My birthday this year will be remembered in my life time. Not only because this is the first birthday as a wife and with my hubby near me, but also because I got the most precious birthday gift in my life.

I could see my baby’s heartbeat in my birthday. The length now reaches 1.5 cm. It is so unbelievable for me as there’s a small tiny creature inside my tummy. I never mind dealing with mild vomiting every time I have my meal. Everything I would do as long as it is for the healthy of my baby. Amazing!!

Being a pregnant woman is one of the step of my life and I am so happy that it doesn’t take a long time for us to have a baby. By Allah permission, within 7 months ahead, I will deliver my child and nurture him/her. Growing and nurturing them are not an easy job. Children are the divine gifts from God. We take the responsiblity of taking care of them, teaching them good values and fulfilling their soul with good virtues. We are the one who will be the role model and we can’t just behave as we like. Children will grow their respect to us and we as parents should feed their soul.

I learn a lot from my friends at office. Most of them are young couple with one or two children. Listening to their story teaches me so much thing. I can get the lesson learned and I wish I can apply to my children later.

Having a baby inside my tummy makes me enthusiastic. This baby really completes my life. I love u my lil sweet angel, even when you’re not born yet:-*

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