The Power of Love

People of Okinawa and Sarnidia are known to have a healthy long life-span. It’s not only because they apply healthy habits such as consuming more fish and soybean than the average, exercising regularly and sufficient rest. Based on the article I read on this morning, those group of people also have a very lovely culture, accordingly respecting elders. The feeling of having sufficient love, warm spirit, as well as a close friendship do have great impact over our healthy quality and wealthy.

The proofs of touching impact have been revealed by experts. Not to mention the benefit of laughter and social involvement toward the one’s healthy. All of them shows that the good interaction and relation with others are decisive in our healthy.

A research reveals that husband and wife, who receive enough hold and touch within their relation, have a stronger emotional binding than those who receive less. It’s also said that a child who rarely gets hug from parents feels less secure compared to children who get the sufficient affection expression from parents. Meanwhile, feeling secure is very important to the children personality development.

If one often has headache, migraine, insomnia and likes to see other disappointed and failed, maybe he/she doesn’t have enough love, rarely loves him/herself, and rarely get attention from her/his couple.

So, do you love yourself? Have you said that you love your friends? Have you given the warmth to your couple??? Better to start it right away because the power of love is exceptional.

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