The Shining Alin

Not many people whom I meet who dare to dream and seize it until they get what they really want. Alin is the one, a big dreamer and a hard worker. I never doubt that she obtains what she dreams as she consistently improves her self quality.

I know her since I was in a senior high school. We were from a same senior high school, but she is two years younger than me. Then we also went to the similar college, with a same concentration, International Relations. I never thought that she had a passion in journalism until I heard that she was the runner up of Liputan 6 goes to Campus. From a best friend of her, I knew that Alin had prepared all of her plans, including becoming a professional journalist. She kept practicing reading news in front of mirror, ensuring she would be delivering good intonation in front of camera.

Once graduating form college, she started her career as a journalist in the metropolis city. Despite her achievement, she started all from the very beginning, until she joined a tv station which broadcasts a qualified news program. I often found her reading the news. Little bit surprised as she looked different on the screen.

Now she’s in USA attending VOA fellowship for six months. “Wish me a good job, mbak, because if so they will extend my fellowship for another six months”, she said when we had lunch at City Plaza. I encourage her to apply for a scholarship in journalism because I conceive that she’s more than deserved to get that for she’s smart and hard worker. Her best friend, Mya, said that Alin is a big dreamer and a hard worker. I couldn’t agree more about that as it’s clearly obvious from her.

Good luck Alin. I am looking forward to hearing another achievement from you:)

Ups…if you’re one of Liputan 6 viewers, you must be familiar with the anchor Juanita Wiratmaja, It’s her anyway

6 thoughts on “The Shining Alin

  1. aduh…jadi kangen aline…iya, dia itu sejak mahasiswa udah rajin latihan ngomong di depan kaca, niruin pembaca berita!!! seeing her now is like, dreams is so close to reality if we believe it. i’m absolutely sure that she will reach greater achievement in the future =)

  2. @ mya…jadi kangen yah, my. apalagi besok kalo dia jadi diperpanjang fellowshipnya. tambah lama deh baru ketemu lagi. Mya gimana? kapan mo apply scholarship?

    @ ilma…iya itu dia:D

  3. mba thea, omg…! i am honoured to be written in your blog. i am speechless… thanks a lot for all your support. i really…. appreciate it. [still can't believe it]
    i am proud to be a friend of you, a woman that radiates positive things to people around her.

  4. wah, rencana apply beasiswa masih dua tahun lagi mb, perlu belajar banyak spy relevan dengan kebutuhan pekerjaanku saat ini =)

    mb thea sendiri gimana?
    masih menyimpan mimpi itu?

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