The Story of my Pregnancy

Waiting for delivery day makes me excited and nervous at the same time. Knowing that I’m going to have my little miracle can’t make me happier. It feels like I’m on the top of the world. Everyday, I talk to my baby, letting him know that I am always ready whenever he wants to come out. I am asking several friends about their labor condition. The answers varied. Some say it’s hurt but it’s okay, but some others say it’s very nice. I do believe that everybody has her own experience. As for me, I strongly believe that when my active labor comes, it will be very nice and comfortable.

I keep suggesting myself that my experience will be the enjoyable and comfortable one. According to my instructor at hypnobirthing training, our body resembles a computer. However, our body is a bio-computer; a live-computer. We can set the program that’s installed in our body. What we assume is what our body will feel. Therefore, if we assume that the labor is nice and comfortable, then it will be felt by our body. To sum up, keep thinking positively on what we are going to face on the labor day. Put aside worry and anxiety in our mind. Keep focusing that everything will be okay and we can endure any condition.

Besides that mental attitude, we should keep practicing our body so our endurance will be positively maintained until the delivery time comes. It’s very important¬†for a¬†pregnant mummy to do exercise on regular basis as it will be very useful in labor day. The well-exercised muscle is one of important key of successful delivery. Walking and swimming can be a good choice of exercise for pregnant mummy. The importance of the sufficient-healthy food intake should not be underestimated. More vegetables and fruits are highly recommended.

Pregnancy is an amazing thing and the baby that we carry withing is very priceless and precious. Nothing we can do but enjoy and be grateful of it. It really completes my nature as a woman:)

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